Say goodbye to the bubblegum pop band that once was One Direction.

The group's new album, "Midnight Memories," strays away from the pop hits the band is known for, which is to be expected since the members of One Direction are nearly all in their 20s now.

It's no surprise they're maturing their sound.

The boys, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, all took part in the writing of 15 of the 18 tracks featured on "Midnight Memories."

Although the band is claiming its new album is a bit more edgy than previous albums, which featured singles like "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Little Things," it's not to say there aren't some pop tracks on "Midnight Memories."

"Best Song Ever," the first single to come out of the album screams "boy band" with an upbeat, and overly repeated chorus of "We danced all night to the best song ever."

However, the track seems a little out of place when listening to the rest of the album.

After the first track, the rest of "Midnight Memories" seems to take a complete 180-degree turn with the second single to be released, "Story of My Life." With an almost Mumford & Sons sounding rhythm, the new sound is a refreshing change for the boy band. Styles carries the chorus, with the other four harmonizing with near perfection in the background.

The next two tracks return to the catchy, fast-paced lyrics found at the beginning of the album. That is until "You & I," with its ballad-like sound and admittedly cheesy lyrics.

"Not even the gods above can separate the two of us," being the most cringe-worthy.

The British pop rock band, McFly, assisted with the lyrics of "Don't Forget Where You Belong," a song that seems to emphasize that the boys of One Direction are staying true to their home roots.

"Through the Dark" is another Mumford & Sons sound-alike, complete with a stomping rhythm and multiple guitar riffs. "Something Great" is another slow ballad which is altogether forgettable.

With a more mature sound, more mature lyrics follow. "Little Black Dress," "Little White Lies" and "Why Don't We Go There" strip the boys of their innocent teen heartthrob personas. Forget "the way that you flip your hair," they "wanna see how you move" in "Little Black Dress," which features a guitar solo reminiscent of 80s rock.

The standard album stops at "Better Than Words," an infectiously catchy tune, with techno like beats. The deluxe version features four more songs, and if you're already a fan, it's well worth the few extra dollars.

All in all, One Direction's attempt to grow up doesn't fall too short. The group might not have completely dropped the boy band sound, but its music is maturing.

"Midnight Memories" is a welcome change from the band's previous albums and showcases One Direction's vocal talents in ways that almost make you forget the group is a boy band.