Since its release Sept. 18, the newest iPhone update – iOS 7 – has had controversial feedback.

Apple included new features to the operating system, such as a control center, camera filters and the ability to block callers, but not all of these were met with enthusiasm. Now that users have had time to adjust, many of those negative opinions have changed.

Before the update was released, there was a buzz of excitement as everyone waited to see what new features would be added.

"I was excited for it; I knew it was coming," said Hans Wangsness, a junior in pre-medical food science. "I updated as soon as I could and I haven't looked back."

Almost immediately after, there were many complaints about the new update, with some users stating they liked the iOS 6 better.

However, some do not feel the same.

"They change things every year, and it's kind of expected that they do an update," Wangsness said. "In my opinion, this update is one of the best ever because they changed the color scheme; they made it easier on the eyes."

This redesign of colors throughout is the most noticeable change.

"I like it," said Jordan Humler, a freshman in finance with a business analytics collateral. "I feel like, even though it may have a slight childish edge at first, it makes it more fun overall. The more vivid colors kind of make you enjoy the high definition to the phone."

Another complaint stemmed from the update's effect on the phone's battery life, but both Wangsness and Sydney King, sophomore in English, said they have not noticed any change in theirs.

"A lot of people complain about the battery life. My battery life hasn't been that affected by it," King said. "I love it."

There is now an updated control center, which students seem to have no complaints about.

"I really like the control center. I use it a lot, all the time," King said. "They put the things I probably use the most right on it, and you just swipe up and it is there. I find that to be super handy because it is everything I need to control is right there, and I don't have to go in through settings or find the app or anything like that."

The update also helped with the navigability and usability of the phone.

"It's a lot more touch-friendly," Humler said. "Siri has been updated. Overall, it's more intuitive with less tutorials needed."

Apple also made changes to the camera. Filters made popular by Instagram are now available directly on the phone.

"The camera filters are interesting," King said. "That is what people use Instagram for, and they changed it so you can also take pictures that are already the size Instagram needs. I'm not saying they're trying to get rid of Instagram or push Instagram out, because that won't happen, but it's interesting that they are trying to help people already have those filters that they want without actually having to have Instagram."

Another feature is the ability to create photo albums to organize the pictures.

"I feel like it is really handy, because I have my stuff just grouped in my camera roll, and every so often I will go through and move stuff out, but I need to go through and group them," King said. "I will have a whole thing for just selfies."

The ability to block callers directly from your phone instead of going to a website is also a new addition included in the update.

"I think it would be easier, because it is kind of a pain in the butt to go to a website to block the callers, so it would be better to do it from your phone than to wait until later," said Arnie Meredith, a senior in mathematics.

Overall, opinions on the new iOS 7 update are positive within the UT campus community. One question remains: what will Apple think of next?