The University of Tennessee: a living Chacos advertisement.

It could be unique to UT or a fashion choice made by college students everywhere, but either way, Chacos dominate the feet walking down Pedestrian Walkway every day.

Whether you wear them or not, you know what Chacos are. Chances are that your roommate, boyfriend or professor owns a pair and shares their love for the shoes almost daily.

But, what does anyone so dedicated to their versatile sandals do when the wind is sure to pick up and the temperature will drop in the upcoming winter months?

Wear them with socks, of course.

A fashion faux pas to some and a necessary statement to others, "socks and chacs" is no stranger to this college campus.

At UT, where sometimes sprinting across campus to make it to class on time is your only option, students often seek to combine fashion and warm toes to make it through the day in comfort.

"When people question this stylish trend, I usually reciprocate with the fact that I'm wearing my comfiest socks with my comfiest shoes," Cat Traylor, freshman in biological sciences, said. "There no need to pull out some different shoes when the weather changes for a few days. It's the best of both worlds, as some say."

*Adam Hamby, sophomore in public relations, said he sees practicality in his Chacos and is not planning on giving them up when the weather turns a little nippy.

"I wear them because they are very comfortable, quite easy to get on and off quickly and I think they are stylish," Hamby said. "I will wear them in the winter. It just depends on how cold it is if I will wear them."

However, he is not willing to add socks to maintain a year-round relationship with his shoes.

"I think [socks and Chacos] looks bad and would make the adjustable straps not fit the correct way while wearing socks," Hamby said. "But I guess to answer the question simply, no. I wouldn't rock the socks and Chacs."

However, McKenzie Martin, junior in journalism and electronic media, has chosen to rock the socks and chacs and has a comeback to the naysayers of the style.

"Chacs with socks is really more of a fashion statement," Martin said. "It's a lot different than just plain sandals and Chacos. It's a trend. I enjoy it because it allows me to show off my love of different themed socks with my love of Chacos. I get tired of tennis shoes."

To some, the trend could be reminiscent of retired men in Florida or athletes with their Nike slide-on's and high socks. No matter the reasoning or similarities though, socks and chacs are a staple in many wardrobes.

But, what about those students that simply cannot stand Chacos on anyone with or without socks?

Brandon Darr, junior in linguistics, has the answer: "At least they're not Crocs."