"A burger the size of your head."

As one of the Strip's newest restaurants, located next door to Studio X and University Liquors, Gyrene Burger Company brings a much-needed alternative to the fast food burger places that pervade the area.

The start of a brand new franchise, Gyrene Burger was founded by former Domino's owner Thomas Monaghan. After selling the restaurant in 1999, Thomas moved to philanthropy, focusing on raising funds for charities, before jumping back into building restaurants.

The burgers are made with fresh Angus beef. All burgers are served with two strips of bacon, a slice of American cheese and a sesame seed bun with two patties and fries on the side.

The infamous triple burger inspired the name created by Rob Wynkoop, store franchisee.

"I couldn't describe it and when I was looking at it, I was like, 'Wow, this thing is the size of your head,'" Wynkoop said.

Wynkoop said he saw Monaghan's advertisement in the paper and applied for the job after meeting a specific qualification: only Marine officers need apply.

Monaghan, a retired Marine, wanted to give his restaurant a military vibe.

"He came upon the idea to create a military-themed restaurant that would empower veterans to become business owners," Wynkoop said. "He wanted to create a company to give back to those guys."

The military theme takes shape through the outfits of the employees through camouflaged shirts and fast delivery service.

This delivery is result of their transportation strategy: a scooter.

"They allow us to move in tight places and not have to spend 10 minutes to find a place to park," Wynkoop said. "We're going to be the fastest delivery place on the Strip. That is our goal."

Jake Willis, sophomore in logistics, had nothing but high praise for the new establishment.

"Their timely delivery is nearly as exceptional as the burger itself," Willis said. "The fries were on point and the customer service was outstanding, overall a great experience. You can't beat a free delivery service."

The choice of Gyrene in Knoxville came from Monaghan's successful experience with Domino's Pizza.

"Knoxville has a lot of great stuff to offer," Monaghan said. "Domino's was built on the edges of college campuses, and we are using that same blueprint but in Knoxville."

The Strip and its assortment of places to eat and drink has lacked a restaurant focused solely on burgers, Gyrene owners said.

"We are providing quality," Wynkoop said. "We are providing value and speedy service."