Knoxville will welcome home another successful music group – Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors – to the Bijou Theatre on Oct. 25.

The band is made up of Drew Holcomb, vocals and guitar, Ellie Holcomb, vocals and guitar, Nathan Dugger, guitar and keys and Rich Brinsfield, bass.

"Playing in Knoxville is one of our favorite cities to play in, because of our personal history there," Drew Holcomb said. "We love being there and we always count down the days until we return."

Although Drew and Ellie Holcomb now reside in Nashville, both graduated from UT.

"Ellie and I met at UT actually," Holcomb said. "We were both students there in the early 2000s."

The band released their sixth album, "Good Light," earlier this year, and this tour has been filled with both their old and new songs.

Drew Holcomb said the music has been received well thus far.

"It's been incredible," he said. "This album has been a combination of a lot of hard work and years finding our voice, both for the band and me as a song writer.

"This record is a real milestone for us, our fans have responded with a lot of interest and a lot of people have had the songs become part of their lives. So it's made the tour really great."

Both stage presence and music performance are important in order to make an interesting and entertaining concert.

Lauren McAllister, junior in communication studies, is not only a fan of the group, but feels a closeness with the band that only UT can give.

"I love Drew and Ellie," McAllister said. "They love UT for one, so having an awesome band that bleeds orange is great. They have such a great connection on stage and all of their concerts feel so personal.

"They are both powerful songwriters and have a true love for music and community."

The formation of the band was a gradual process that included mutual friends and meeting people once the Holcombs moved to Nashville.

"It was just kind of organic, like in anything," Drew Holcomb said, "you meet people along the road who are interested in the same things as you are, and over time you develop a working relationship with them."

Some bands start with a signature sound and then stay consistent over time, while others tend to find their way and develop as they go and learn who they are as a group.

Drew Holcomb said the group has found itself staying true to its early roots.

"We've never made a hard departure in what we do," he said." At the end of the day, we're a band out playing singer/songwriter type songs. We just hope to build on it and continue to grow.

"Anything worth doing is always changing."