Based in Boulder, Colo., livetronica musician Big Gigantic will bring its Sky High tour to Knoxville alongside Australian artist Opiuo this Friday at the Old City Courtyard.

Hosted by AC Entertainment in conjunction with Midnight Voyage and Carleo Entertainment, the Courtyard's gates will open at 6 p.m. with music concluding at 11 p.m. Festivities will move to the Bowery and NV Nightclub from there for Midnight Voyage's signature after party.

Big Gigantic, who has developed a reputation at music festivals including Bonnaroo, Wakarusa and Electric Forest for delivering high-energy performances, blends often improvisational jazz with electronic bass tones and synthesizers. Coupled with dynamic light shows, Big G's jazzy, jammy music is "contagious," according to Andrea Kearns of Midnight Voyage.

"It's not what you'd expect from most electronic musical artists," Kearns said. "They have this fusion-style where they mix dub samples fuzed with jazzy energy builds. Every show is different and very organic."

Kearns marveled at how much the band – now one of the biggest names in the electronic arena – has grown since first debuting in Knoxville four years ago.

"I remember the first time they came to Knoxville in November of 2009," she said. "They played at 90 Proof for a $5 cover. There wasn't a real barricade between them and the crowd, so we had audience members jamming on the drums with them and knocking over the keyboard. It was crazy but such a great party."

Although Friday's show does promise to be a bit more organized, that same connection with the audience will prevail, Kearns said.

"It's just amazing to see how the crowd reacts to their energy," she said. "There's this great back and forth exchange that always happens at Big G shows."

Megan Macauley, senior in marketing, attested to this.

"The atmosphere you experience at Big G shows is just so dynamic and contagious," said Macauley, who saw them perform at Summer Camp Music Festival last May. "The music just pulls you in. It's a really euphoric feeling."

Macauley noted that one of the most unique components of Big Gigantic's shows is undoubtedly the incorporation of instruments.

"Hearing the sax blended with electronica is incredible," she said. "It's the perfect combination of smooth and jazzy while still retaining those funky electronic beats. They put on a really unique show."

Not to be overlooked is the equally unique opening act, Opiuo, who Kearns describes as a "wobble-master."

"If machines could talk they would sound like this but with a melody," she said. "He's very funky, kind of hip-hop-y and very, very different. His music is so glitched out."

Between both acts, the ultimate combination of a variety of musical sounds and styles will make for a unique audience experience, Kearns said.

"The whole lineup is very diverse," she said. "It's not going to be four hours of the same music."

Tickets for the event are $20.50 in advance when purchased online at and $25 the day of.