Wednesday, Oct. 16

What: They Might Be Giants
When: 8 p.m.
Where: Bijou Theatre
Price: $26.50
Cortney's Take: It's the first night of Fall Break. The whining about napless days will stop for a while and there's no better way to begin the break than with a concert. They Might Be Giants will be at the Bijou Theatre. The duo will perform alternate rock music from their album, "25 unreasonable songs in 45 phenomenal minutes." And at $26.50 for tickets, you'd be hard-pressed to miss a show as unique as this.

Thursday, Oct. 17

What: Maryville College Theatre: "Medea" by Euripides
When: 8 p.m.
Where: Haslam Family Flexible Theatre
Price: $10
Cortney's Take: "Passion! Betrayal! Revenge!" Get this and more in Maryville College's adaptation of the famous Greek tragedy. Located just 15 miles from campus, this is sure to bring just the right amount of culture to your Thursday evening.

Friday, Oct. 18

What: Trail of Doom
When: Dusk
Where: Oakes Farm
Price: $20
Cortney's Take: Knoxville's largest and longest-running haunted attraction has upped its game this year. The Trail of Doom features a chaotic carnival, a twisted carnvalistic experience and elemental, the four elements like never before. Don't just go see a horror movie, live it.

Saturday, Oct. 19

What: Rocky Horror Picture Show
When: 11 p.m.
Where: Tennessee Theatre
Price: $9, all ages
Claire's Take: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic, one that has graced Octobers for decades. Embrace this Perks of Being a Wallflower reference and go enjoy yourself with this exciting, somewhat risque, interactive musical.

Sunday, Oct. 20

What: Knoxville Poetry Slam
When: 8 p.m.
Where: The Well, 21+
Price: Free
Claire's Take: Celebrate the last day of break with a little bit of the always-exciting and passion-filled art of slam poetry. Get there at 7:30 to sign up to share your poetry with the Knoxville community. Drink specials and half price food are featured.