Just a week before Halloween, things are going to get spoofy – not spooky – on UT's campus.

Central Programs Council's Film Committee is bringing "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" to the UC Auditorium at 11 p.m. on Oct. 26th.

The show's uniqueness lies in its presentation: the 1975 film plays on the screen while bizarrely costumed students shadow act it out on stage.

"The experience is so unique that it's one of those experiences you just kind of have to see to get a feel for what it all is," said LaSabra Williams, a sophomore in communications studies.

Williams is a part of the UT Film Committee and will be a member of the tech crew for the show.

"I actually ended up joining the UT film committee my freshman year because of my fascination of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show,'" Williams said.

While "Rocky Horror" isn't supposed to make the audience cringe in fright, it does provide comedic value and interaction with the cast.

"It's not so spooky, but instead spoofy," said Rebecca Fechino, a sophomore in public relations who is a part of the shadow cast of the show. "The show makes fun of the clichés in typical horror movies."

The audience always gets a kick out of the show through "call backs," in which a line is said during the film and the audience yells back in reply.

"It's really crowd-orientated and fun, so you're not going to just be sitting there not doing anything," Williams said. "A lot of the comedy from the show comes from the ridiculousness of the crowd's interaction."

Not too many years after the 1975 film release, "Rocky Horror" became a cult classic. For the Film Committee, the show is the largest event of the year.

Rehearsal for the show began in August and each cast member makes their own costume and props.

A great deal of the pre-show games and activities focus on show-related subjects.

"You're going to want to get there around 11 p.m. for pre-show games and activities the cast does with the audience," Williams said.

Show performers even suggest watching the original film to gain further insight into the cult classic before the live performance.

"It's an awesome experience," said Fechino. "Just come. It's fun."

Students and non-students are welcome to attend and admission is free.