Fashion and freebies: what more could a girl want?

Monday night, the campus teams of Rent the Runway, Victoria's Secret PINK and People of Style and Education will host a fashion show in the UC Auditorium with vendors opening at 7:30 p.m. and the show set to begin at 8:30 p.m.

Claudette Sariya, the public relations representative for Rent the Runway, said she hopes the show will help girls diversify their style while also allowing them to see more affordable options.

"This fashion show is to help bring style to UT since everyone kind of wears the same thing," said Sariya, a junior in public relations. "We're hoping students will see that there's lots of options available for them at a discount too. Rent the Runway has over 100 designer dresses and accessories online. Gowns that cost $1,200 you can get for $200, so it's great for formals, mixers or weddings. It's a really great resource, and we hope they'll really take advantage of that."

Rent the Runway Team Manager Mia Mitchell said the event will also be showcasing athletic wear.

"The show will target college women looking for designer clothing at a fraction of the cost," Mitchell said. "It will also debut Victoria's Secret PINK. VS PINK will be modeling loungewear and raffling their new sport line."

The show itself caters to students, with local and national vendors in attendance to promote their own version of personal style.

"The event is completely free. Even vendors have asked how much it is to have a table at the event, and they're surprised it's free just because we're giving so much away," Sariya said.

"We reached out to as many companies that we thought the typical PINK and Rent the Runway girl would be interested in," Dani Polk, VS PINK campus representative, said. "We wanted hair, nails, eyebrows, cupcakes, etc. We wanted to engage all of the local fashion and beauty names in Knoxville. Studio Visage, Fusion Tanning, Truffles Fashion, GAGE Talent, Knoxville Fashion Week, ASOS and many more are all contributing to our free event."

Models were chosen by allowing each campus sorority to provide a model, then Pose did the rest.

"Pose is the premier UT student fashion/modeling organization," said Elizabeth Smith, president of Pose. "Our purpose is to explore ideas in fashion, create networking opportunities, help build modeling portfolios and promote community service and diversity."

Smith hopes the show will encourage girls to express themselves through clothing and provide a sense of empowerment.

"I feel that this fashion show will allow women of UT's campus to venture outside of their comfort zone and try new styles for a very affordable price," Smith said. "Rent The Runway is a great place to start for women who want to try out something different without paying lots of money for it."

With all the stress after midterms, the fashion show can be seen as an opportunity to expand style horizons.

"This show is on campus to provide a fun example of what PINK and RTR has to offer as well as proving a mini girls day for students," Polk said. "We want this show to help promote fashion awareness at UT. We want students on campus to realize that there are so many different ways to express yourself."