So today is Thursday, and it has slipped your mind that it' s Halloween, but don't let your lack of costume preparation keep you from enjoying a night of candy and shenanigans. While many costumes require money and intensive planning, college students have mastered the procrastinator's approach to Halloween.

Here are a few last minute costume ideas to get you through the night.

Egyptian God or Goddess
Submitted by Donna Saggione, freshman exploratory student

Step 1: Find an old bed sheet.
Step 2: Cut it to fit your height.
Step 3: Drape it over your shoulders like a toga.
Step 4: Cinch the waist with a belt.
Step 5: Add jewelry and sandals (Chacos are permissible).

Black Cat
Submitted by Nadia Aziz, freshman exploratory student

Step 1: Find black long sleeved shirt and black tights or leggings.
Step 2: Apply black eyeliner and facial whiskers.
Step 3: Cut two construction paper triangles and tape them to a headband.

Growth Spurt
Submitted by Adam Young, junior in anthropology

Step 1: Find three T-shirts in varying sizes, ex. youth large, small and medium.
Step 2: Find three pairs of pants with different lengths, ex. long, capri and short.
Step 3: Put on all three shorts and all three bottoms.
Step 4: Remove shirts and pants periodically to give the effect of growth.

Submitted by The Daily Beacon Editorial Staff

Step 1: Get a roll of toilet paper.
Step 2: Wrap it around an unsuspecting copy chief's face and body.
Step 3: Party on.