If cupcakes don't quite mix with your sweet tooth, maybe trying one from the best bakery in Knoxville, as named by the readers of Metro Pulse, will change your mind.

Located on Central Street, Magpie's Bakery appears cute and quiet on the outside with little quirky black birds on the sign inviting in patrons.

Inside, however, lies the bustle of one of Knoxville's most popular bakeries.

Boasting 28 flavors, ranging from the classics such as chocolate and vanilla to a tropical mix of raspberries and mango, Magpie's aims to appeal to a wide range of cupcake lovers.

"Our deluxe flavors are probably the most popular," store manager Ryan Huddleston said. "Those are the strawberries, caramels, the red velvet. Those sell the most."

The bakery also makes cakes and cookies that even taste like a cupcake themselves.

With the variety Magpie's provides, it is no wonder the bakery is a Knoxville favorite. However, the award-winning eatery was not always in its reigning position.

The bakery has much more humbling roots.

"Our owner, Peggy Hambright, started making goodies out of her mom's house 20 years ago," Huddleston said.

Now, flavors of the week and happy hours bring those with a craving for sweets into the shop daily to taste how far Hambright has come.

"First of all, it's delicious," said Wade Scofield, a senior in religious studies. "You have to drive, but it's in a really cool North Knoxville neighborhood."

Every week, Magpie's has a special flavor customers may not see again for months. The week of Oct. 28 features lemon poppy seed while no one knows what could be next.

"Sometimes we ask the girls if there is anything that want to try or sometimes we pick a seasonal flavor," Huddleston said.

Happy Hour is an even larger draw. Tuesdays through Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Magpie's offers cupcakes at a discounted rate, which may be the best news for financially-strapped college students looking to indulge.

"We pick a certain flavor and offer it at $1.50," Huddleston said. "There's a limit of two per person, and it comes with a shot of Cruze Farm milk ... We have parents asking us to deliver to college students too."

However, the distance has not kept UT students from enjoying the fare.

"(Magpies) is its own place that thrives even though it's not on the Strip or in Market Square where everyone is," said Jessie Hamby, freshman in linguistics.

And what Magpie's lacks in convenience can easily be made up by recommendations from some of their clients.

"It's a successful local business, so that in itself is a great reason to go there," Scofield said.

"Cuonzo Martin got his birthday cake from there," Scofield added. "If Cuonzo likes it, it has to be good."