ODESZA, a production duo from the Pacific Northwest, has found success through several moments of serendipity and the benefits of collaboration.

Composed of college friends Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, ODESZA's blend of hip-hop, dance and experimental pop has proven successful enough for the pair to embark on their first east coast tour.

The duo will perform with Michal Menert tonight at 9 p.m. at NV Nightclub.

"I think we will see things we've never seen before," Mills said in an interview with The Daily Beacon. "It's a good excuse to see new places, and we get to play music for people."

Mills and Knight describe ODESZA's formation as a fortunate coincidence that happened at the college they both attended: Western Washington University.

"I started getting into this type of music my sophomore year of college," Mills said. "I worked with some electronic equipment and started to make beats on the computer and just mess around.

"I met Clay and he was the only other guy I knew doing this kind of stuff, so we kind of bonded over that."

Knight emphasized the usefulness of having a partner in the music-making process.

"We take a simple loop and bounce it back and forth until there's way too much going on and we have to cut it down," Knight said. "It's good to share sounds. We can be unsure of whether it's going to be good and we tell each other. It's good to have a team."

As far as how they made their latest EP, "My Friends Never Die," Mills said it, too, was kind of an accident.

"We weren't thinking about making new music, but we were thinking about how to be live and how we would go about performing," Mills said. "We liked it when people got rowdy, so we made some heavier stuff so they could dance and rock out.

"We weren't planning on releasing this live stuff, but people kept asking us where they could find it."

Hunter Dell, a Knoxville resident, heard about the show through Midnight Voyage Productions, where he helps do promoting.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing ODESZA more than any of the artists because their music has touched me before, and I'm looking forward to taking a journey with ODESZA's music," Dell said. "I try to make it out to NV every weekend; the atmosphere ... is really good."

Although ODESZA is fairly new to the music scene, they said they hope the coming years will only bring more growth and opportunity.

"We hope to have a fuller, more mature sound," Mills said. "We want to work with other artists that we admire and just continue to grow."

"We hope to be making music still," Knight added with a laugh.

Both Mills and Knight said they are excited to visit Knoxville and get people excited about their music.

"We want to give the people in Knoxville a good time," Mills said. "We do a lot of slow build and then a dance party. We want to get people pumped up and having fun."

Tickets for ODESZA's show at NV are $12 and can be purchased online and at the door. The group's EP "My Friends Never Die" was released Sept. 17 and is available for free download from their website.