Mix rock, jazz, funk and electronica, and the end result could be roughly described as Papadosio and Arpetrio.

And tonight, Knoxville residents will get a taste of the livetronica bands who will hit the Old City Courtyard at 7 p.m. in a festival-style show.

"I've seen both Papadosio and Arpetrio play several times and they always put on a fantastic show," said Andrea Kerns, one half of Knoxville's promotional institution Midnight Voyage. "We're really excited to be bringing them back to Knoxville.

"Their music is this great jammy sound of psychedelic rock and the production is always really beautiful."

Kerns recalls first booking Nashville-based Arpetrio at Midnight Voyage's former haven, The Valarium, now known as Blackstock, in 2009.

"I can remember first booking them to open for Shpongle, and they were awesome then, but now they've grown into something amazing," Kerns said.

Utilizing a combination of complex production tools and intricate compositions, Arpetrio blends jam, electronica, jazz fusion, trip-hop and psychedelic music for a unique, live music experience.

Papadosio, who began performing in their home state Ohio in 2006, is a jamtronica quintet bent on fusing revolutionary technology with a revolutionary message, according to their website. Merging progressive rock with psychedelic, folk with electronica and dance music with jam. Papadosio is known for their improvisation – with songs lasting from three to eight minutes – and spiritually motivated messages.

This will supply audiences with a festival-style nature to the show with varied entertainment extending beyond the bands.

"It'll be a little more involved of an event than Midnight Voyage's usual," Kerns said. "There will be a lot of live art, a dozen live painters stationed on platforms, a lot of vendors, fire spinners and dancers throughout the crowd."

One of these dancers and fire spinners is Kerns' daughter, Meryl Kerns. She will give a self-choreographed demonstration of acroyoga with her partner, Jeremy Mattingly.

"We'll be performing one or maybe two sets of acroyoga, which is pretty much exactly like it sounds – acrobatic yoga," Meryl Kerns said. "Jeremy's my base and I'm the flyer. He will be holding me, twisting me, turning me in very awesome positions in the air and doing pretty crazy things. We have a 10-minute routine that we created ourselves and we'll probably do it twice."

The duo has been practicing acroyoga for five months and preparing their routine for one. All practice aside, the night will propose some unique challenges for the pair.

"We won't be performing on the main stage but instead on risers in the crowd," Meryl Kerns said. "It'll be interesting to do it on a raised platform because it's a much smaller surface than what we're used to, which is the whole ground."

However, she remains confident that it will be successful.

"It should work out," Meryl Kerns said. "Jeremy's amazing and he's a great base, I couldn't have asked for a better one, and I'm confident in my flying abilities. So it should be a good time."

Following the acroyoga routine, she will be demonstrating her fire spinning abilities, a talent that's developing into a common appearance at a local shows and festivals.

"During the actual show, I'll be spinning fire through a flow wand," Meryl Kerns said. "It's a levitation stick and basically about as close to Harry Potter as you'll ever get. It's going to be almost an honor to perform with Papadosio and Arpetrio because I have experienced them so much in the past and they're definitely a part of my life."

She estimates she has seen both acts perform approximately a "trillion" times.

"Every time it's just a great experience and an amazing show," Meryl Kerns added. "Plus it's just a step up to see instruments on stage instead of only turntables and electronic stuff. It's good to see more organic music."

"Come out and see the shows to broaden your musical horizons and for crazy bass-in-your-face fun," Andrea Kerns said. "It's such a diverse mix of first rate artists and it will be amazing to have them all here together in our hometown."

Doors open at 6 p.m. and music will last until 11 p.m., at which point the festivities move to NV and The Bowery for an after party consisting of six electronic acts that will continue into the morning.

Combo tickets for both Papadosio/Arpetrio and the after party can be purchased in advance online for $10 or at the gate for $15 each.