Authentic sushi at a reasonable price can be difficult to find, especially in a restaurant that is conveniently located for UT's students.

However, this crux has a solution.

Jai Dee Thai and Japanese Cuisine offers tasty appetizers, delightful service and affordable prices. Located on Melrose Place, right off of Cumberland, the restaurant serves as a nice spot to meet friends and grab a bit to eat between classes.

It's apparent from the beginning that Jai Dee takes pride in preparing exquisite sushi with fresh ingredients.

There is a plethora of sushi options including the Spider roll, Sex on the Beach roll and the New Yorker roll. However, the top option is the Jai Dee Roll, taking the name of the restaurant and the award for tastiest roll on the menu. The roll highlights ingredients such as spicy crab, cucumber along with shrimp tempura and is topped with spicy crisp tempura flakes. It gives a spicy kick to your taste buds while leaving your stomach satisfied. The roll is a large portion and could easily become the meal.

With a beverage, the Jai Dee roll costs $10. Not bad for a satisfying sushi experience. Granted, college students cannot spend this amount every day for food, but every now and then on special occasion it would not put too much of a damper on the wallet. Jai Dee also offers lunch specials for those who want to save money while still getting a delicious meal.

Start your meal with a delectable appetizer. The classic steamed pork dumplings give a pleasant taste while leaving room for the main course. At only $5, it serves as a great appetizer to share with friends.

While the sushi seems to steal the show, Jai Dee also presents homemade Thai dishes like the classic Pad Thai noodle dish. The dish is packed with spices and subtle hints of sweetness that the peanuts give. Other popular Thai dishes include green curry, Pad lo mein and Thai style fried rice.

The restaurant gives a homey vibe and is usually filled to the brim with college students. Family-owned, Jai Dee has excellent staff members who recommend the best dishes that the restaurant has to offer. Always greeting customers with a smile and a laid back seating arrangement, Jai Dee presents an ambiance that replicates that of visiting a friend's house for dinner.

Jai Dee Thai and Japanese Cuisine is an impressive eatery, especially considering the restaurant has undergone menu changes, new hires and is still relatively young in the Knoxville area.

With a free hour after class, heading to Jai Dee is only a sprint away. The sushi is satisfying and the service even more so. Take the leap towards sushi nirvana and try Jai Dee Thai and Japanese Cuisine. You will not regret the experience or the satisfied feeling that radiates from your tummy.