With a tour that sold out in minutes, an album that reached No. 1 on the charts before its official release and now a 3D feature-film, it is no surprise One Direction sits atop the world of boy bands.

"One Direction: This Is Us" is a documentary that portrays the lives of the English-Irish boy band. They are comprised of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, all of whom auditioned for "The X-Factor" as solo acts.

Just as they were all dropped from the competition, previous American Idol judge Simon Cowell made the decision to place the boys into one group, and One Direction was formed. Although they came in third on "The X-Factor," they vowed that it would not be the last anyone would see of One Direction.

It definitely wasn't.

Morgan Spurlock — the man behind the film "Super Size Me" — directs the film, and does it well.

Half the film shows 3D concert sequences, which were shot at London's famed O2 Arena during One Direction's 2013 "Take Me Home" tour. The experience gives viewers the feeling that they are front and center, complete with shots of other screaming fans and waves from the boys themselves. In the movie, the group perform hits like "Kiss You," "Little Things" and "What Makes You Beautiful" – their first single.

Although this film is every fangirl's dream, those who are not as familiar with the group will enjoy it as well. The offstage scenes are what make the film relatable, as you see that these pop stars are just typical "lads." They take the audience back to their hometowns to see the places they grew up, meet their parents and even visit their previous work places.

It is evident that the boys have big hearts. They definitely break away from the "diva" stereotype one normally attaches to a famous pop group. In one of the most tear-jerking scenes, Malik buys a house for his mother and sisters, claiming that it was his turn to give back.

The film doesn't completely shy away from One Direction's celebrity image. There are multiple cameos in "This Is Us," in the form of actor Chris Rock, director Martin Scorsese and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Rock and Scorsese both sing praises of the boy band when they bring family members to a performance at Madison Square Garden.

The film also shows the crazier side of the fame: the fans. Thousands of screaming fans are shown standing outside of venues, sprinting across busy roads and even hanging out of moving vehicles, all for the chance to catch a glimpse of One Direction.

In one scene, Tomlinson, Malik and Payne are forced into a shop to wait out the mob of frantic fans who spotted them walking down the street an incident almost like something from a zombie-apocalypse movie.

One Direction, however, does not chastise those fans for their frantic behavior. Horan even states, before opening a window to the roar of a hysterical crowd outside, "This is why we have the best fans in the world."

"One Direction: This Is Us" is mostly a concert experience with some laughable and emotional moments sprinkled in. Spurlock did an excellent job at capturing the boys' personalities on camera, and the concert shots are beyond impressive.

This film will not disappoint its already massive fan base, and even those with reservations about it might find themselves enjoying the pop craze that is One Direction.