Although Ariana Grande was made famous by Nickelodeon, if her debut album "Yours Truly" is any indication, her fame will not be short-lived.

The American singer/songwriter and actress got her claim to fame at a young age. After landing a stint in Broadway musical "13," at the age of 15, Grande was destined to be a star early on. Not long after, she became a household name after landing a role in one of Nickelodeon's most popular shows, "Victorious."

Grande is currently pursuing a career in music. She released her debut single, "The Way," in March of this year, and began to dominate radio waves. The catchy single, which featured up-and-coming rapper Mac Miller, merges an R&B sound with pop. It landed a spot at No. 10 on Billboard's Hot 100 charts within the first week.

Her second single, "Baby I," has more of an R&B sound, and is reminiscent of an older, '90s vibe. This song has also been doing well on the music charts and has held a steady spot on the Hot 100 for a few weeks.

Grande's vocals have been highly praised in recent reviews, some even comparing her to Mariah Carey. She has an incredibly broad vocal range, which is rare and surprising, as most Disney and Nickelodeon teen stars seem to share a miniscule range.

"Yours Truly" flows smoothly from song to song, with up-tempo pop sounds, slow ballads and R&B jams intertwined. The album's opening song "Honeymoon Avenue" has a jazzy sound and prepares the listeners for the next few tracks. In this song, Grande reminisces about a past relationship that has gone downhill, mainly seen in the lyrics, "I'm under pressure cause I can't have you the way that I want / let's just go back to the way it was," and "They say only fools fall in love / well, they must've been talking about us."

This song foreshadows the rest of album, as much of it revolves around relationships. Almost all of the songs are about love, new crushes and old flames.

Arguably one of the best songs on the album is a track titled "Almost is Never Enough," which features Nathan Sykes, a member of boy band The Wanted. This song is sure to hit home for those hopeless romantics, with lyrics including "Almost is never enough / so close to being in love / if I would've known that you wanted me / the way I wanted you / then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart."

Some of the best tracks on the album are Grande's songs that feature other artists. "Right There" is a fun, up-tempo track that features rapper Big Sean. Other impressive songs are those that show off her vocal range such as "Daydreamin'," "Tattooed Heart" and "Piano."

"Yours Truly" is an extremely well put together album, especially considering her freshman status in the music scene. All of the songs fit well together, and the album is easy to listen to in one sitting, without getting confused or feeling as if it doesn't flow. It's a fun album to listen to, whether you are looking for a feel-good tune or a slow melody.

Much of the album focuses on love and romance, incorporating a mixture of jazz, R&B and pop to create each song. Ariana Grande is a surprising new talent with great potential for longevity in her musical career and this album does not but support her ever-growing hype.