Aaron Carter has headlined four tours, performed on Dancing with the Stars and now – 12 years after beating Shaq – he will perform in Knoxville on Sunday.

Performing songs from his triple-platinum album "Aaron's Party" as well as other favorites and his newest single "Where Do We Begin," Carter said this tour has received with open arms and warm regards from fans.

"(My fans) have been really, really amazing," Carter said in a phone interview. "I thank all my fans personally so much ... Everyone is still here for me and they're showing up at my shows and supporting me. Regardless of what critics say or what anybody has to say, my fans still show up."

Chelsea Sims, junior in political science and business management, said she has been a fan of Carter since she was a kid and is "thrilled" about the concert.

She said that Carter bears a connection specific to her generation.

"I believe that our generation is a very 'throwback' type of generation," Sims said. "You never forget the words to the songs you grew up listening to day in and day out."

The fact that Carter finds so much support in his fans raises many generational questions.

According to the 26-year-old Carter, the lack of technology during his rise to fame created a more personal connection with his supporters.

"I think people are just a little bit more lazy (now)," Carter said. "They can access everything that they want right in front of them. That's the thing, I come from a generation where ... seeing the people was what mattered. That's what I'm doing again. Reconnecting with everybody, the same way I did in the beginning.

"(My fans) didn't know me from social media and YouTube. That's not how it happened with me."

Fans like Sims, who grew up with Carter, are now turning to the internet to re-experience his music.

"When I heard Aaron Carter was coming to Knoxville I went to YouTube to re-watch some of his videos and it made me fall in love with his music all over again," said Sims, a proud owner of the album "Aaron's Party."

She said that these experiences help a person look to their future after taking a look back.

"By listening to music you grew up with it often times brings back old memories and lets you reflect upon your life and where you've been and where you're going," Sims said.

This holds true for Carter too.

"I don't have any expectations to be anything that I was when I was little, because I don't want to be a 12-year-old again," Carter said. "So that's not my goal. I don't want to be an innocent 12-year-old anymore. It's not for me.

"I want to be what I am now and take my experiences and relate to people. I've lived a lot of life."

Carter plans to tour internationally, hoping to perform in countries such as Europe, Germany, South America, Mexico and Indonesia. He hopes to continue to tour for years to come.

Ultimately, Carter said there's nothing like performing for his fans.

"It makes me so happy," Carter said. "It's the best feeling in the world."

Tickets to see Aaron Carter at NV Nightclub are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.