Australian rockers Sick Puppies are bringing what frontman Shimon Moore calls their "sweating, pushing energy" to NV Nightclub on Thursday night.

The band, made up of singer and guitarist Moore, bassist Emma Anzai and California drummer Mark Goodwin, has toured the U.S. extensively since they moved to Los Angeles in 2006. In a phone interview, Moore reflected on the difference in music scenes between Australia and the U.S.

"It's just bigger," Moore said. "There's more to it, and we are able to work more."

Sick Puppies released their latest album "Connect" in July. The third album, Moore said, marks a new kind of intensity applied to their work.

"We really tried to step it up musically," Moore said. "We wrote a lot of songs, twice as much as we needed even though there was no theme when it started."

Paradoxically, part of this new intensity comes from a reversion to classic rock songwriting, Moore said.

"(This album) is more musical," Moore said. "We did what was easy, banging it out so we could get back to touring."

Their tours have brought them together with bands like Shinedown, Muse and the Killers. Moore said one of the best parts of touring is the camaraderie.

"We weren't really familiar with Shinedown's music before we started touring with them," Moore said. "But we became like brothers – hanging out, riding each others' buses, sharing everything."

This love for touring is evident in each band member, said bassist Anzai.

"I feel like it's the life blood to a band, playing live, getting feedback every night, feeling like we represent the songs properly," Anzai said. "I feel the songs take on a life of their own.

"Nothing beats the raw energy of the band in front of you."

Alexia Ann Vasel, a video production major at Pellisippi State, has been a fan of Sick Puppies since 2008.

"People should come to this event because the Sick Puppies have a variety of songs with different moods and are a generally unique band," Vasel said.

Opening for Sick Puppies at the NV show are local bands Shallowpoint, Centric and Redlight King.

Heather Shallowpoint, bassist for Shallowpoint, finds inspiration from Sick Puppies' female bassist, Anzai.

"I am very excited to perform with Sick Puppies, being that I am a female bassist," Shallowpoint said. "I always love to see other girls playing bass guitar as well.

"There are not many female bass players, so I would not have missed this show for the world."

The Lenoir City/Loudon natives consider performing with Sick Puppies a jumping-off point for their career, according to Shallowpoint.

"It's pretty awesome that up and coming local bands get the opportunity to open for a major headlining band," Shallowpoint said. "We hope that it is just a matter of time before we become a major headlining band as well, and we need all the support we can get in our hometown."

Both Moore and Anzai stress the importance of reaching audiences and relating to people through their energy-fueled music.

"(It's) like someone else knows exactly what they're going through," Anzai said. "People are very private about their hardships and when people come to us and sincerely tell us that our music helped them through something difficult.

"It truly makes everything worthwhile."

Tickets are available online and at the door.