Leaves crunching underfoot, comfy sweaters, apple cider and the faint sounds of a football stadium's cheers; at last, fall is here. Companies all over town are embracing fall with a plethora of pumpkin-flavored foods, varying from pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin pie frozen yogurt.

What better way to usher in the season than eating pumpkin-flavored delights?

Gigi's Cupcakes in Turkey Creek has had an influx of pumpkin-related business recently. Their pumpkin white chocolate cupcakes have been extremely popular.

"I just sold out of my last pumpkin flavored (cupcake) 10 minutes ago," said Lindsay Boch, a worker at Gigi's cupcakes in Turkey Creek.

Gigi's wasn't the only place running low on supply.

Rita's shaved ice and ice cream shop in Market Square had a similar dilemma: all of their pumpkin cheesecake cream ice had been bought out before 4 p.m.

However, some local spots were still in supply to meet the big demand. Orange Leaf, a new frozen yogurt venue that opened in Market Square, features pumpkin pie frozen yogurt.

"It's better (than pie)," said Natasha Wicker, freshman in the school of Arts and Sciences. "I like that it doesn't have that awkward consistency that pumpkin pie has."

Pumpkin pie yogurt is not the only sweet in the fall spirit. The infamous pumpkin spice lattes have begun to appear in coffee shops across town.

The Golden Roast, The Cup Café and Coffee and Chocolate proved no exception. Each took a unique take on the Starbucks-popularized drink.

Whether you prefer sweeter lattes, cinnamon spice or the creamy consistency of frozen yogurt to pumpkin pie, there is almost certainly a pumpkin-flavored food out there that will coax your taste buds into fall.

Orange Leaf: pumpkin pie yogurt

Kendall's Take: The pumpkin pie yogurt tastes just like a real pie, especially when complimented with graham cracker-crust crumbs and cheesecake crumbles. Interestingly enough, it is recommended to eat it with peanut butter yogurt mixed in. While the yogurt was delicious by itself, it is surprisingly good with the peanut butter flavor mixed in. The saltiness is a great compliment to the pumpkin flavor, as well as the graham cracker crumble topping.The taste is just enough to knock out a craving for pie without waiting for Thanksgiving to come around.

The Golden Roast 

Kendall's Take: Their pumpkin spice latte is creamy and sweet, but not overwhelming. It is possible to taste both the pumpkin and a hint of spice and coffee blended together cohesively.

Cup Cafe

Kendall's Take: The Cup Café in market square also has a pumpkin spice latte to share, but its balance of flavors differ. While there are still hints of pumpkin, it is more on the back burner to the taste of coffee and cinnamon. For those who prefer cinnamon, this is a good choice.

Coffee and Chocolate

Kendall's Take: Coffee and Chocolate, also located in market square, had the most impressive latte. The pumpkin flavor was prevalent, like in the others, but it wasn't as sweet as The Golden Roast's or too "spicy," like The Cup Café's latte. It had a mixture of pumpkin, spice and coffee, which seemed to balance each other out. It's like fall in a cup.