It is possible you have heard of Johnnyswim from VH1's "You Oughta Know," "The Late Show with Jay Leno" or even The GRAMMY's website.

This group is composed of Amanda and Abner Ramirez, a husband-and-wife duo who are based in Los Angeles but originally lived in Nashville, Tenn., according to their Facebook page. It describes their music as a mixture of folk, soul and pop. They will be performing tonight at the Humanities Amphitheater at 8 p.m as part of UT's Fall Fest, a component of Family Weekend. There is no cost to attend the concert.

Kendall Thompson, a contributor to The Daily Beacon, had the chance to speak with Amanda Ramirez from the band via email to discuss their history and style of music.

Kendall Thompson: How did the two of you meet?

Amanda Ramirez: We knew of each other for four years before we actually met at a coffee shop through mutual friends. Then Abner invited me to a show over MySpace (yep, this was a while ago), and I think I fell in love musically and probably in every other way with him, so I asked if we could write together.

KT: What made you decide to go into music together?

AR: We realized early on that we had a lot of overlapping influences, so it made writing together really easy and really fun. We didn't set out to start a band together, but we're glad it worked out that way. We both were a bit burned out by the industry of music but writing together brought us back to the purity and joy of writing again.

KT: What's been your favorite part of this experience?

AR: Our favorite part is getting to have fun with each other and our friends. We write with our friends and we often play shows with our friends, so it's always a bit of a party.

KT: What's your favorite part of performing?

AR: The audience! It's so much fun to get reactions, tell stories and bring people on a bit of a journey with you. Every time is different, and every time really feels like the first time.

KT: What's the most interesting place you've gotten to travel to so far?

AR: We just got back a few months ago from Indonesia where we visited some Food for the Hungry developments. One was five hours off the coast of Padang on a completely remote island. That was definitely the most interesting and furthest place we've been.

KT: Have you had any interesting fan experiences?

AR: I don't know about interesting, but our favorite thing is when a fan covers one of our songs. They are always so unique, and they show so much personality. Plus it's always such an honor when someone takes the time to learn and record or film a song you wrote.

KT: Do you have any work coming out soon?

AR: We have a full length coming out the beginning of 2014 that we are thrilled about.

KT: How would you describe your music?

AR: Hopefully honest and a bit of a blend of our eclectic influences.

KT: What's your favorite thing about music?

AR: Music has the ability to capture a moment and an experience, and in a few minutes make a listener experience those same things. It more than opens dialogue. It creates a space that goes beyond words.

Johnnyswim's music can be found under their YouTube channel, Johnnyswim, and can also be purchased on iTunes.