"I hope they get a smile. I hope they feel something," UK singer/songwriter Lucy Rose said in an interview before she opened for City and Colour on Saturday night at the Tennessee Theatre. "I hope they have a moment when a song takes you to a different place and you forget where you are."

The "moment" that Rose speaks of is not only one that she tries to communicate with her audience, but one she experiences herself when she sees City and Colour perform.

"I have a moment when I'm watching City and Colour," Rose said. "There's moments that really get me, that give me goose bumps, that make me think of somebody else and take me to a different place. That's something that's hard to achieve."

City and Colour, the pseudonym for Canadian singer/songwriter Dallas Green, played an extensive set of soulful, lyrically focused tunes both new and old for the large, reverent crowd.

Micah Brookshear, a recent UT graduate in advertising, enjoyed Green's stage relatability and how he kept the crowd engaged.

"City and Colour put on one of the best performances I have ever seen," Brookshear said. "He made the crowd feel like we were his friends. He is an exceptional artist who has developed his own style that's easy to love."

About halfway through his set, Green took the stage with only an acoustic guitar in hand. He proceeded to play five songs in a raw, stripped style that drew the audience in with its vulnerability.

Becca Buckley, a Knoxville native and sophomore at MTSU, came to the event to see Green, her favorite artist, perform live.

"The show was incredible," Buckley said. "I personally think Dallas Green sounds even better live than he does on recording and the energy of the show was amazing."

For Buckley, the best part came at the end of Green's set when he performed one of his most popular songs, "That Girl."

"Not only is that one of my favorite City and Colour songs," Buckley said, "but the fact that the beginning was just him and a guitar gave the feeling of a much more intimate show, which I loved."

One of the pleasant surprises for the audience came from opener Rose's melodic voice and her talented guitar rhythms. When she left the stage, audience members gave her a standing ovation and many shouted for an encore.

"Lucy Rose was absolutely perfect," Buckley said. "I cannot think of a more fitting word to describe her and her band. I had never heard of her before but two songs into her set I knew that I had to buy her CD."

Rose, whose style is influenced by artists like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, counts her tour with City and Colour as her first official American tour.

Her show at the Tennessee Theatre was also her first time in Knoxville, which she had a day off to enjoy.

"(Knoxville) has definitely been one of my favorite places," Rose said. "We came here yesterday and Jurassic Park was blaring out. It's definitely been very friendly. We hung around Market Square and just got introduced to so many people in a short space of time."

For many, the atmosphere was one of the highlights of the show as a whole.

Melina Littleton, a master's student at UT in theory and practice in teacher education, saw City and Colour at the Bijou Theatre two years ago and remembered how much she loved the ambiance of Green's performance.

"It is so calm and happy; this is why I love their shows so much," Littleton said. "I love to sit down and actually enjoy the music instead of watching the crowd dance and scream the lyrics. You can tell that they love what they do and appreciate people who love their music.

"It's so obvious how he puts his heart and soul into every song he sings on stage."