If you are looking for a really good burger and a relaxing place to enjoy it, then head over to Market Square. There you will find the cozies newly-opened burger joint in town: Stock & Barrel.

The restaurant opened next to Blue Coast Grille on Aug. 23.

Stock & Barrel's sign is reminiscent of something you might find on the outside of an Old West saloon; washed out wood with barely legible writing. The interior gives off a feeling of traveling back in time but with a modern twist. Dark brick and wood line the room. Rusted but chic light fixtures hang from the ceiling. It is like dining in a rustic barn only without the livestock. You can definitely feel the farm-to-table vibe that Stock & Barrel's owners are trying to give off.

The ingredients used in the food at Stock & Barrel are grown fresh and locally. The meat that goes into burgers such as "The 'Merican," comes from Mitchell Family Farms, a family-run farm located in Blaine, Tenn.

Stock & Barrel assures its customers the meat is hormone-free and all-natural. In addition to providing organic beef, the restaurant joined forces with Provence Breads & Café, Sweetwater Valley Farm and Benton's Smokey Mountain Country Hams to provide the freshest breads, cheese and bacon.

For those familiar with the Nashville area, Stock & Barrel is not unlike the Nashville favorite Burger Up, with a similar emphasis on old-style decor, tasty burgers and local ingredients.

The importance of fresh food is not the only statement Stock & Barrel is trying to make. They also emphasize the importance of a comforting and friendly environment, which is something that is noticeable as soon as you step foot in the door. The staff is friendly. Each one is donning a T-shirt with a humorous saying on the back. They seat you as quickly as possible and you are soon greeted by your server. Speedy service is something the group should add to their list of attributes.

The food is just as good as the service. You can taste every bit of the home-grown ingredients in each bite. The appetizer menu is an assortment of fried vegetables such as fried tomatoes, pickles and even mushrooms. And if fried foods aren't your thing, do not fret, there's also options like spicy crab dip and pimiento cheese.

Stock & Barrel takes pride in its burgers, especially considering it is the only main course option. If you're looking for lobster tails or filet mignon, you have come to the wrong place. Not to say that Stock & Barrel only serves beef burgers, it also serves items such as "The Chicken and Waffle," "The Salmon" and "Free Bird." You can even get "The Elvis," which is topped with none other than the King's favorites, peanut butter and bananas. No matter what kind of burger you're craving, Stock & Barrel can probably fill your appetite.

For dessert, Stock & Barrel provides a wide variety of treats. With milkshake flavors like “S'mores,” “PB&J” and “Nutella” it’s hard not to save room for dessert. The menu also offers pies like “Deep Fried Apple Pie” and “Bourbon Peanut Butter Pie.”

Stock & Barrel is a top-notch establishment. It offers a warm and cozy atmosphere and a menu that gives your insides the same feeling. If you’re looking for a place that emphasizes local growth and farm-fresh food, look no further than Stock & Barrel in Market Square.