Comedic theater is on its way to the Knoxville area.

The humorous-based Broadway play, "All in the Timing," will be performed at the Square Room at 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Written by David Ives, "All in the Timing" is a collection of six unrelated one-act pieces. According to co-director and actor Danielle Roos, these acts have an overarching theme.

"Each (act) has its own plot," Roos said, "so they don't connect story wise. But they come together and center on relationships and conversation."

The acts include chimpanzees, a made up language and even a musical skit. Roos said many of the actors are in multiple acts, each playing a diverse character set.

Madison Weber, sophomore in special education, said difficulty exists in playing such different roles.

"That would be difficult," Weber said. "If the characters are extremely different from each other and you had to learn a different role than the one you were already partaking in, it could be confusing as an actor and also take a lot of work."

Actor Erik Schiller, a UT alumnus, will be performing an entire act in a language completely made up by Ives.

"For most characters, an actor only needs to worry about the second step, but for someone doing a character who speaks in a very different dialect (as in Shakespeare) or in an entirely other language, the challenge is especially difficult and requires an extra investment in time and research," Schiller said in an email interview. "I started reading and memorizing my script at least a month prior to the beginning of rehearsals."

The play is very humorous according to Roos, but not along the lines of gag humor.

"It's smart humor. It's intelligent and witty," Roos said. "There are a lot of cultural references throughout. If you've taken a literature class you'll appreciate them."

"All in the Timing" has had a lot of success through the years and is one of Roos' favorite plays, but it is rarely performed in its entirety.

"It's been in the theater world. It's one of the more famous pieces, but it's not always done in its entirety," Roos said. "You'll see bits and pieces here and there. So I'm really excited about the fact that we're doing all six. We're doing the full thing."

The production has two directors, Roos and Bill Campbell, who are also acting in the play. Each co-director is directing three of the six acts. Roos said this play is like a group project and is great for audiences who do not see plays often.

"If you're someone who doesn't go see a lot of theatre, this would be a great piece to go see because it's fun and you'll have a good time at this show," Roos said. "Even if you're not the normal theater-goer you can eat and drink and the show is funny. It's not like it's a real deep serious piece that you have to work hard at to understand."

Tickets for the show will be $12 at the door and $10 in advance. Part of the ticket fee offers audience members food and drink from Café 4. Food and drink can be consumed in the Square Room before or during the play.

The Square Room, located in Market Square, will open its door for the performance at 7 p.m.