At age 22, her songs have been featured on the VH1 network, she has appeared in the "debut spotlight" of CMA Close Up Magazine, and her album "Walking Wires" was ranked in the top 10 albums for 2013 That Nashville Sound magazine.

Knoxville native Logan Brill moved to Nashville four years ago to attend Belmont University, which led to the release of her first album, "Walking Wires," at age 20.

"I fell in love with Nashville's vibe of music being all around," Brill said.

The album's success instantly sky-rocketed. CMT Edge, Country Weekly, Billboard, Pollstar and CMA Close Up Magazine took notice of the Americana style album. Stars like Josh Turner, Sara Evans and Carbon Leaf have given Brill opening spots.

When asked about her reaction to her album being named No. 6 on That Nashville Sound's Top Albums of 2013 list, she said, "I so respect the other artists on the list. It was so cool to myself on that list, too."

Brill explained she has the utmost respect for the artists that work extremely hard to get where they are. With that in mind, she said she understands that in order to be successful, she will need to put in just as much effort.

Brill also said she aims to create songs containing outpourings of emotion directed toward those in the audience.

"Walking Wires" is an album made up of stories ranging from failed marriages to bad relationships, Brill said. She explained that even though she has not experienced many of the situations she sings about, she has been inspired by the way artists pour passion into the stories they sing about as if they have lived them.

"I enjoy getting into the story of the song," Brill said. "I think about all the people I am speaking to when I am singing and try to imagine how they feel."

Brill's electric personality and exceptional storytelling has made her one of Nashville's most sought-after artists.

However, while she said she loves the Nashville music scene, performing in Knoxville brings a comfort no other venue can provide.

"Looking into the audience, I see so many people I know from so many stages of my life," she said. "I am playing for my friend, instead of strangers."

In terms of her feelings towards Knoxville, Brill said she's just as grateful for her time growing up in the city as she is for every other part of her life.

"Being tied to Knoxville," she said, "has really impacted me on my choice to go into music."

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