Asia, Africa, South America – all on Pedestrian Walkway.

The 29th annual International Festival was held Friday on Pedestrian Walkway from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and featured booths from around the world.

Included in the festival booths were different activities and foods that originated from a specific country that students could sample. Some of the organizations that took part in this year's festival were the Iranian Students Association, Latin American Student Association, Manthan Indian Students' Association and many more.

"The International Festival is such a good learning tool to truly get a glimpse into other cultures," said Cody Privett, a sophomore in education. "My favorite part is sampling all of the different kinds of food."

Some of the foods that were featured this year were a spread of spring rolls and golden cups from Thai UTK. Another one of the favorites of the festival came from the Latin American Association club who were serving delicious sopapillas.

The event wasn't limited to just food. Students could stop at one booth and get their names written in different languages. Additionally, the Chinese Culture Club taught students how to master the Chinese Knot and make a red string bracelet. Another booth that was featured at the event was She's the First, an organization who sponsors girls' educations in developing countries.

In the middle of all of the booths was a stage where students could dance around to music the International House played. They also had cultural performances on the stage in front of the sculpture that students walking on Pedestrian could watch on their way to class.

Mariana Garciagodoy, a graduate teaching assistant at the International House, emphasized the community of people it takes to bring such a significant event to campus.

"We have been planning this event for a semester and a half," Garciagodoy said. "All of the people at the International House all work together to make this event happen."