"How I Met Your Mother" is over.

After nine amazing seasons, there will never be a new HIMYM reference to add to the list. This show is more than just a sitcom to me and the characters have become my friends in many ways. A lot of what I believe about friendship has been taught to me by these characters.

That being said, as I watched the finale, I felt like I was watching my own friends go back on every step forward they had taken.

From Episode 1, we knew Ted met "The Mother" at some point. For nine years we watched his struggle to find the one thing he truly wanted: "The One." We watched him lose Robin, get left at the alter, get betrayed by his best friend and experience life as it was handed to him.

From each of these experiences, however, future Ted knew exactly why it had to happen. There was a lesson – a reason each terrible event happened to him. That was the point. Ted believed with his whole heart everything happened for a reason. He believed he would have his perfect ending.

We saw him at his lowest points in life and we heard him reflect on those points years later with advice he would have given himself. We just never imagined future Ted would ignore every piece of this advice.

The issue that seems most concerning is the death of The Mother. Why develop a character for nine years only to kill her off? This, however, could have worked. Ted had his happiness, even if it was for a short period of time. It could have been worth it. Where the finale really misses, though, is Ted ending up with Robin.

Everything about the decision to put Ted and Robin together is wrong. For years, Ted tried to make Robin love him. After the initial break up at the end of Season 2, it's clear Robin has no interest in being with Ted (Season 7, Episode ?). Every moment of vulnerability seen in Robin post-Season 3 is in relation to Barney.

Which brings me to yet another miss in the finale. Barney and Robin. Nothing about their divorce was believable. To suddenly turn Barney into a needy husband who doesn't want to travel goes against his character in every way. The man who strives to have as many legendary nights as possible can't handle traveling? I don't buy it.

On top of that, Ted is now willing to live this life with Robin? That is the exact reason the couple broke up in the first place (Season 2). C'mon Ted.

Barney and Robin were not the textbook definition of the perfect couple, but every piece of evidence led us to believe that's what made them work. Ted himself says, "(Their marriage) wasn't perfect, but it was legendary." (Season 9) Those words coming from Ted held so much meaning. That meant he was over Robin for good.

That meant sometimes there's a bigger plan for our life than what we see. That meant with patience and hope, everything will work out. That meant that, truly, all of the bad leads to something much better. If Ted could have the happy ending he deserved, anyone could. If Barney and Robin could make it despite all of their flaws, any couple willing to work for it could make it.

Ted could have finally sat with his friends in his booth at MacLarens knowing he had met "The One." It would have been beautiful.

But no.

Ted not only lost the love of his life, he still wasn't pleased with the time he did have with her. He was still searching. He ran back into the arms of Robin, the woman who settled for a man she could have had her whole life but didn't want.

Cortney Roark is a junior in journalism and electronic media and cinema studies. She can be reached at croark4@utk.edu.