The Lonely Biscuits, a band formed of four college males, returned to UT's campus Friday night to play at For the Kids @ UTK for the second consecutive year. The members reside in Nashville, Tenn., where they attend Belmont University.

Daily Beacon Contributor Emily Rytz sat down with The Lonely Biscuits to discuss their musical influences, their decision for returning to Knoxville for the fundraising event, and what the future looks like for the band.

Emily Rytz: How would you all describe the musical sound you all try to go for?

The Lonely Biscuits: We all kind of have different musical backgrounds, so it's kind of a weird blend of everything. I don't really know if we're trying to go for anything, but it comes out different all the time and it's just laid-back, groovy stuff with hip-hop and soul mixed in.

ER: Do you all look up to or model yourself after any musicians or musical groups?

TLB: We draw inspirations from all different kinds of artists. I wouldn't say there's just one artist that we all just really, really look up to, but we definitely all get inspired by a lot of different musicians. We take little pieces from everybody.

ER: When did you all know you wanted a music career?

TLB: We have all kinda wanted to play music for as long as we could, and then we met and this expanded into something we never expected.

ER: How did you all meet one another?

TLB: Two of us were random roommates and we all lived on the same hall freshman year.

ER: How did you come up with the name The Lonely Biscuits?

TLB: We were called Gravy and the Biscuits at first and then somebody already owned that name so we changed it. We have a song called "The Lonely Biscuit," so we just made our name into that.

ER: What influenced your decision to return to Knoxville for another show to help out For The Kids @ UTK?

TLB: It was really fun last year and of course it's going to a great cause. Cate (McCoy) is also really cool and she asked us to come back and play so we said yes. And we love Knoxville.

ER: What do we see in the future for The Lonely Biscuits?

TLB: We are playing at the Hangout Festival and then some other festivals that haven't been announced yet. And then just our summer tour in June, which we are psyched about, and we are going to record some new music.