Every kid's dream is that their toys come to life.

Hollywood has realized this dream with great success in films like the "Toy Story" franchise.

With "The Lego Movie," we get to see our beloved Legos on the big screen, too.

Major production companies have turned toys and board games from our childhood into blockbusters in the hope that our need for nostalgia will drive us into theaters to buy tickets. For the most part, this has in fact worked. Unfortunately, the filmmakers have sometimes forgotten to also create a good story line.

Thankfully, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the directors and two of the writers of the film, used their inspiration to create an engaging story that appeals to both children and adults.

The movie's main protagonist is an average Lego construction worker named Emmet, voiced by Chris Pratt, who finds "The Piece of Resistance," which is the only thing that can stop President Business (Will Ferrell) from ending the world. Emmet must save the world by discovering that he is in fact special in a world that is under the control of the instructions given by the overbearing President Business.

The film is filled with amazing voice acting from an all-star cast, including Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks. The comedic one-liners and puns are also consistently hilarious throughout the flick.

The animation in itself is brilliant. Although the majority of the movie is CG, the animation flows as if it was stop-motion, like the filmmakers are actually sitting down and playing with their Legos as they act out the story. The cinematography and sound also add to these effects. One minute, it has the feel of an intense action movie, and the next minute the viewer is reminded that the characters are Legos through the use of silly, human-voiced sound effects.

"The Lego Movie" proves again that just because a film is animated does not mean it cannot have a deep and profound theme fueling it. What makes this film great is that it moves beyond the surface comedy. It is a true hero story, with major themes interwoven underneath. Not only must Emmet save the world, but he must also break out of his comfort zone in order to discover his true worth as an "ordinary" individual.

At the end of the film, the underlying theme of letting go of control and sharing what we love with the next generation is brought to light. The twist ending only adds to the nostalgia and entertainment this surprising box office hit has brought to theaters.