Take a small sliver of popular Knoxville bands the Tone Junkies, the Black Lillies and Cereus Bright, bundle them together and that is likely what The Ben Gaines Band has in store Saturday night at Scruffy City Hall.

Ben Gaines has taken Cameron Moore of the Tone Junkies (lead guitar), Bowman Townsend of the Black Lillies (drums) and Matt Nelson of Cereus Bright (stand up bass) and grouped them together to play his new original music to be featured on his new album.

"It's really humbling to be able to play with these musicians," Gaines, who sings and plays guitar and banjo, said. "I write the songs and they come in and put their own feel to it. I think it's really cool to take them out of the band they play in, and we get to have a whole new jam."

Gaines played in the Blue Heavy previously and said the new album will be completely different from the last with a "folk Americana bluegrass" feel.

"(The first album) was just me and a couple musicians," Gaines said. "I did the whole thing in two days. This one will be more patient. We're using a string quartet, drummer, two pianos and three different guitarists. We're going to put a lot more time into it."

This dedication came to Gaines after returning from Houston, Texas, this year. He said he gained inspiration from his father, who loved music.

"One of the main reasons I love music is my dad and he wanted me to be a good songwriter," Gaines said. "He passed away in December and that just put me into a whole new level of passion for it, and made me want to put all these musicians together and play as much as I could."

Townsend played with Gaines in the Blue Heavy and said he recognizes a difference in Gaines' music. Townsend said this album has much more personality.

"It's actually pretty bit of a departure from the music I'm used to making with Ben," Townsend said. "The Blue Heavy was a pretty straight up blues rock and roll outfit with Ben singing loud and aggressive. It's cool to hear the more sensitive side. He's got a great voice and the tunes bring out the quality in his voice."

Gaines said the members of The Ben Gaines Band will continue to change and the audience can expect a new feel in each show. The album will be recorded in Nashville and is expected to begin in March.

Townsend said he enjoys the unique sound in each show.

"Ben is bringing people from all over the map and putting them under the unifying umbrella of good music," Townsend said. "I think it keeps everyone listening and it keeps everyone open for spontaneous improvement because the tunes are so fresh. You can't take for granted that everyone is going to strive at the same place."

The show will be $5 and The Ben Gaines Band will be joined by Backup Planet. Townsend said there will be "a lot of grooving and a lot of dancing."

"It's going to be a great show. I sincerely mean that," Townsend said. "It's exciting. We've only played one gig with this band and these tunes."