Scruffy City's Band Eat Band competition will take place at the Preservation Pub this Tuesday starting at 10 p.m. The competition, which is sponsored by i105, Blank Newspaper, Rock Snob Recording and Preservation Pub, showcases the talents of local bands ranging from a handful of different styles.

The competition, which began in January and ends in April, is held every Tuesday. The competition's semi-finals and the final will be held in June in the center of Market Square. Two bands play each night and a coin is flipped to determine the order. The bands will then play two 30-minute sets.

The rules for the competition are laid back; bring a crowd, be original, be cool and be the best band live.

The "cool" requirements for the competition accurately portray the easy-going atmosphere that the competition has grown to be known for. Andrew Sayne, whose band – Grandpa's Stash – won last year's competition, said the Band Eat Band competition differed from most he had participated in before.

"What I like about the Band Eat Band competition is that it was really, really friendly last year," Sayne said. "It was good at getting everybody to do the best about our music scene and appreciate all the different people.

"It wasn't just cutthroat."

The winner of the competition needs to be "original as a Polaroid and cool as a fan," according to the Scruffy City Band Eat Band Facebook page.

"Overall, I think they're looking for a band that's tight but also knows how to have a good time," Sayne said, "and is kind of willing to get loose on stage. That's what they're looking for: the dynamic of having a good time but also performing really well."

The winners of the final in June will receive one week in Rock Snobs Recording Studios, one hour on-air interview with i105 FM, an interview with Blank Newspaper, $300 in band merchandise from Label Thirteen and $3,000.

Deadbeat Scoundrels and Fatstacks and The Fun Guy, the two bands competing in this week's round of the competition, seem to share the same laid back mentality about competing despite differing in musical style.

"We don't really worry about (the competition). ... We just get up there and play our best," Stewart McNealy, bass player of Deadbeat Scoundrels, said.

"Everybody's out there making music, trying to do the same thing, so you definitely have to respect that," Jason Perry, guitarist and vocalist in Fatstacks and The Fun Guy, added.

Each year a wide variety of known and unknown bands enter the competition, hoping to put themselves out there and expand their audience. Deadbeat Scoundrels is no different.

"Even if we don't win, (the audience) might like our music and come back and see us," McNealy said.

The competition also gives bands a chance to get to know fellow musicians.

"It provides other bands a chance to hear bands they may not even listen to, (and) may not even know were out there," Perry said.