For a college student, $10 can go a long way.

It can buy two Cookout trays or eight McDoubles. Or, it can feed a Nicaraguan child for a month.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship will host Shabby Chic Prom tonight for feedONE, a charity that will feed a child in Nicaragua for one month with each $10 donation. FeedOne is a branch of Convoy of Hope, a charitable organization which provides extra supplies and needs while feedONE supplies the food.

Rebekah Meyer, sophomore in history and secretary of Chi Alpha, said the goal is to feed one child per hour for a week. That requires 168 donations of $10 in one week.

"Any group can be a part of this," Meyer said. "We're feeding children. There is no reason for any group to feel like they are not involved in this."

Chuck Lester, campus director of Chi Alpha, said he believes UT students will take advantage of this opportunity and help reach the 168 goal.

"Students want to make a difference," Lester said. "They want to take on big responsibility. For starving children to eat, that's a big responsibility. We really need their help.

"We need students to show up and say, 'Hey, I'll sponsor a child for $10.'"

Shabby Chic Prom will have inflatable basketball and boxing, a dance floor, hot dog stand, photo booth and various other food donated from area churches. As for the dress code, Meyer said shabby chic is "whatever you want it to be." She said prom goers can wear anything from an old prom dress with Converses to sweats and a blazer.

As for committee member Emily Hill, junior in social work, she will be sporting a 1950s dress and beret. Hill agreed with Meyer that Shabby Chic Prom is for everyone.

"It's a cause that everybody can care about," Hill said. "We're a Christian organization, but we wanted to bring a diverse group together to have fun at an event and use the proceeds to do something good."

Chi Alpha officials hope to make this an annual event and Meyer said she hopes Shabby Chic Prom starts a trend for local charities.

"When you see how many problems there are in another country, you start to notice things where you live," Meyer said. "If anything, several more groups can get involved and make it a bigger thing."

For Lester, this is seen as a "tremendous opportunity" and a way to help children who may not get help otherwise.

"University students have their meals provided if they live on campus," Lester said. "To think of other people, that's what we want to see — students reaching out to other people.

"These children are lined up in orphanages and schools and they desperately need our help."

Shabby Chic Prom will begin tonight at 7 p.m. at the John 23rd Catholic Center.