For a few hours, Knoxvillians became Bonnaroovians again Wednesday night as the Disc Exchange hosted an official Bonnaroo Lineup Announcement Megathon party.

The Disc Exchange was one of the few record stores across the country where Bonnaroo sponsored an official B.L.A.M. party to announce its 2014 lineup. Further, it was among one of the elite few who were giving away an Xbox One and a ticket to the festival in June.

Free T-shirts were also provided by Gap as well as posters and beer samples. Savory and Sweet Food Truck provided refreshments.

The 2014 lineup includes acts ranging from Elton John and Vampire Weekend to Knoxville's own Americana band, The Black Lillies.

Allan Miller, president and owner of the Disc Exchange, while at first was nervous about putting on a technology-heavy event, was pleased with the turnout and the energy that filled the store.

"It looks great. I'm really glad we've got this many people here," Miller said. "It's kind of risky pulling this thing off because of technical stuff. This our first time doing this sort of thing. But we were willing to give it a shot."

David Brown, a senior in environmental science, saw the party as a chance to interact with the Bonnaroo community in a way that they may have normally been unable to meet.

"You know why everybody was there, and it's because they love Roo. It was a fun atmosphere to find out the official lineup," Brown said. "It definitely adds to the hype. Everyone there is making speculations and hoping certain bands are there, but it was just a bonding experience sort of."

The official lineup announcement was scheduled for 9 p.m. To keep excitement up for the two hours before, Bonnaroo streamed past performances from the festival. The Lumineers, Kings of Leon, Tenacious D and the world premiere of last year's rock Superjam with Billy Idol and R. Kelly among others were projected in the store where there was no way to miss the notable performances.

Miller said he believed the "party" atmosphere made this announcement special and different than a simple release on a website.

"I think people like going to a party," Miller said. "And we've got a party here tonight. We have all these giveaways, and you're not going to get that in someone's apartment. It's not the same feeling. It's going to be a totally different experience. This is the place to do it and watch it."