Comedian Ronnie Jordan brought his stand-up act to UT for the second time.

Last on campus in 2011, this year the Atlanta native is on his "Big Man on Campus Tour," which travels to universities across the country, spreading Jordan's own brand of college humor.

The show started with a video montage of Jordan's previous act at UT. The video announced that Jordan broke the college tour record for comedians.

Yohance, former cast member on the MTV reality show "Yo Momma," opened for Jordan. The stand-up comedian was not new to the comedy scene. Yohance started off the show with interactions from the crowd, which led to jokes about relationships and social media. The dialogue between Yohance and the crowd kept the jokes rolling and prepared the audience for the act to come, but failed to elicit roaring laughter.

Jordan's grand entrance was entertaining, with dance moves as DJ One Night Stand played a mix of hip-hop tracks.

In the moments before the show, the audience had been asked to tweet with the hashtag "BigManUTK." The hashtag sparked the hilarious and slightly self-deprecating opening monologue from Jordan.

"I feel loved," Jordan joked about the hashtag in regards to his size.

Jordan then dove into a hilarious rant about social media, mainly targeting Instagram. Jordan had the audience laughing as he swore he better not see a picture of himself turned into a meme and posted on social media.

The comedian maintained his interactivity with the audience. With his show being called "Big Man on Campus," it's no surprise that the majority of Jordan's material centered on the lives of college students. He kept the audience in side-splitting laughter as he covered the problems every college student has faced or will face.

Laughs erupted from the crowd as Jordan joked about being a "broke college student." Stating that no matter who you are, if you're in college, you're broke. Also, if you're in college, you inevitably run into roommate issues from time to time. Jordan asked audience members to raise their hands if they had encountered roommate problems, and then spoke to those whose hands weren't raised.

"It's probably because you're here with your roommate," Jordan said.

Jordan kept his material relateable as he moved from college problems to elementary school problems. Jordan took the audience back in time with some laughs as he described the classic zoo field trip, sack lunches and bus rides.

Jordan joked about being the envy of his school when it came to lunch time, as his dad was a professional chef. This prompted one of Jordan's final jokes about his love for food. DJ One Night Stand played Jordan's own personal and arguably more amusing twist to the hip-hop song "My Hitta," naming the remake "My Dinna." Jordan even did a hilarious bit with a honey bun, which had been in his pocket the whole show.

"The Big Man on Campus" show was the perfect balance of college humor. There wasn't a single punch-line that was not met with roaring laughter.