Cledus T. Judd, a comedian who sings parodies and original songs, is coming back to Knoxville.

Judd fits into the genre of country music, as he has done parodies of songs by country artists including Toby Keith, Shania Twain and Brad Paisley. Some of his songs have even made it to Billboard's Hot Country Songs charts, including hits "My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy" and "I Love NASCAR." In his biography on Country Music Television's website, he is called the Weird Al Yankovic of country music.

Daily Beacon contributor Kelsi Walker got the chance to talk to Judd about his upcoming shows and his thoughts about coming back to Side Splitters.

Kelsi Walker: You're playing five shows at Side Splitters this weekend. What is your favorite thing about performing in the Knoxville area?

Cledus T. Judd: Those are my kind of people. I am from Georgia which is right next door, and I have spent a lot of time up there and they are just my kind of people. They get my humor and they know what they are getting when they come. I am a down-home guy, I get out there and shake hands and hug babies. To be honest, it is like a family reunion.

KW: I know you have done a lot of parodies of songs by country music stars. What do you think has been your favorite song to rewrite and make your own?

CTJ: Well actually, we just finished up a new song over the weekend and I am really excited about it. We are going to do it in Knoxville for the first time. It's actually a parody of the pop song "Royals" by Lorde. It will be heard for the first time when I show up in Knoxville this weekend.

KW: I understand you released "Parodyziac!!" in 2012 with Warner Brothers Records. Can you tell me a little bit about that process of writing and releasing that album?

CTJ: It was a fun process and it was my 12th studio album. I sold about 2.5 million copies and every song was a blast to write. I did it with my really good friend, Chris Clark, and we get together and we get in there and get after it and we try to make the funniest record that we can.

KW: What should people expect to experience at a Cledus T. Judd show?

CTJ: They should expect a lot of improvisation. This will be my first show of the year. I haven't done a show in about three or four months so I may suck, but you know what, that's why I come there, I know the people of Knoxville won't run me out of town because they are just part of the family. Again, it's just like coming home to a bunch of family members for a family reunion. I just hangout, sit around, no big super star outing. It's just a good, fun, relaxed time. I'm also hosting this week. I'll be like the M.C. and then do some songs and eventually close out the show. I will pretty much be up there all night. I don't believe in headliners or opening acts. Whether I am the most successful of the comics is irrelevant.

Judd will be performing five shows at Side Splitters comedy club, which is 18 and older, Thursday through Saturday. Tickets run at $12 and may be purchased at