Students with a knack for knitting now have a club to call their own.

Natalie Gregov, senior in communication studies, has been knitting for years. Friends often asked her for lessons and, after taking the advice of one friend in particular, she brought a knitting club to campus.

"I thought it was a pretty good idea," Gregov said. "There wasn't one established, and I had to start it up."

She posted flyers around campus and before long had a gathered a group of knitters. At the meetings, members knit while watching movies and enjoying refreshments.

No prior experience is needed for one to join the club. One of the objectives of the club is for others to learn the skill, said Gregov.

Ana Volz, an undecided freshman, was one of the members new to knitting.

"In the summer, I got a crochet book," Volz said. "I was like, 'Hey, I want to start making stuff,' and then I never really figured it out."

Volz then attended a knitting club meeting where Gregov taught her and the other beginner members the basics of knitting.

In addition to teaching members how to knit, Gregov uses her skill to give back to the community. She recently donated some of the products of her knitting to a local homeless shelter. Gregov said she hopes the knitting club as a whole can begin donating to those in need.

"Now that it's after Christmas and people are done with gifting, we can start actually donating things to shelters and local hospitals," she said.

For Gregov, starting the club hasn't been easy. Even after pushing through mountains of paperwork and finding a sponsor, she still has difficulty finding a permanent meeting spot. This, however, has not stopped the club from continuing their meetings and doing what they love.

"We just basically hang out and learn a couple of things from each other," Gregov said.

She puts emphasis on the fact that the club is stress free. Meetings are not required, there are no dues, and all that is needed is your own knitting supplies. Gregov tries to make the environment of the club as relaxing as possible.

"It's just nice to have the time set aside," she said. "This is chill time."

It's also a time for members of the club to focus solely on perfecting their skill. Volz said the club has helped her make time in her schedule to sit down and knit.

Knitting isn't the only yarn-spinning activity the club is open to. A few of the members also crochet, which is also encouraged.

One of the main reasons the club was initiated was to provide an activity on campus that was both enjoyable and informative. It is meant to be an outlet for students who want to unwind and pick up a new skill, said Gregov.

"You actually learn something, and you walk away with something that makes you a little bit better, so why not?" she said.

If interested in becoming a part of the knitting club, email Natalie Gregov at