The 2014 Artist-in-Residence boasts a unique spectrum of artists' work, ranging from abstract to contemporary and modern pieces.

The Opening Reception for the 2014 Artist-in-Residence Biennial event will be held today at the UT Ewing Gallery of Art & Architecture.

The event focuses on four chosen artists who will be exhibiting work in the gallery from today through February 6. This year's artists are Patricia Treib, Michael Berryhill, EJ Hauser and Jaya Howey.

The Artist-in-Residence program was created by UT in 1982 in order to "enrich student's experience further by regularly bringing new artists from outside the university who are active in the contemporary gallery and museum arenas," according to the program's website.

Each of these artists are experienced talents who have worked and lived, as well as had their work displayed, all over the country.

For Patricia Treib, an artist who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, the Artist-in-Residence Biennial gives her a chance to showcase her work to students, peers and anyone else interested in art.

"I was an Artist-in-Residence at UT in the fall of 2012," Treib said. "My participation in the fall 2014 Biennial is part of my residency. The Biennial brings together the work of the four most recent resident artists."

Treib is a New York-based artist who got involved with UT's program through a colleague who recommended her for the program in 2012. After applying, she was chosen to be an Artist-in-Residence.

"I will be showing a group of abstract paintings from the last two years," Treib said. "Abstractions that are based on perception and abstraction that comes out of perceptual experiences.

"I'll focus on the space between something and make painting out of that. Doing so creates a painting that is usually something people wouldn't necessarily expect."

UT's Artist-in-Residence program is utilized by the school to enrich student's learning experience. It brings in artists from around the country to engage in a daily or weekly correspondence with UT students, giving them the opportunity to learn from experienced individuals.

The organization has two Artists-in-Residence that are chosen per year, and the event is held every four artists.

Sarah McFalls, model and exhibit preperator for UT's Ewing Gallery of Art & Architecture, helps prepare and publicize the event.

"The four artists whose work will be shown have been a part of the Artist-in-Residence program in the School of Art," McFalls said. "In the early 1980s, upon the retirement of a painting and drawing professor, the School of Art decided to create this program that would bring a different artist to work with graduate and undergraduate students instead of filling it traditionally with a single instructor."

Although attending the reception isn't a requirement for those exhibiting work, Treib said she is looking forward to going and seeing some of her past students, as well as peers.

The art exhibition will be available for anyone to stop by in the Ewing Gallery of Art & Architecture starting tonight.