Lunch: Sunny Point Bakery & Café

A family-owned restaurant on Asheville's main drag, this quaint restaurant boasts an impressive daytime menu offering everything from breakfast to salads and sandwiches. Also, they are incredibly proud of their outdoor seating, which compensates for limited space inside. Next to the patio, guests can stroll through the Sunny Point garden, flush with fresh produce for the cafe's made-from-scratch fare.

Afternoon: River Arts District

Asheville consistently finds its place atop lists like America's "Most Hipster Cities" and "The Best Cities for Artists." A quick stroll through the River Arts District will prove why. Lined with galleries and art shops, the area boasts artists working in all mediums, including clay, metal and printmaking. For art lovers, appreciators, and creators alike, the River Arts District is sure to inspire.

Dinner: White Duck Taco Shop

Located in the Hatchery Studios building in the River Arts District, this little taco shop draws fans from across the country. Introducing the world to unusual but delicious creations, the shop offers taco varieties like Thai peanut chicken taco and lump crab. Treat yourself and try them all.

Evening: Street Performers/Drum Circle

Asheville has been housing musicians and performers since long before it was cool. Today, jugglers, didgeridoos and guitarists can be found on corners throughout the city. Hit the streets for some free entertainment, and keep your eyes open for the Carolina Catskins. The group resembles the Lumineers, if the Lumineers were hippies who play on battered instruments. They stick solely to the streets, but finding them is a guaranteed spectacle. If you stop by the city on a Friday, you can also jump into the drum circle that takes place downtown.

Late Night: Rosetta's Kitchen

After you have adventured far and wide throughout the Asheville community, you are sure to be hungry. Open until 3 a.m. most nights, Rosetta's Kitchen serves up nachos, hot wings and fries. Everything they serve is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Those wings? Made with tempeh. That burger? It's veggie. That makes it a healthy way to stuff your face late at night. Right?