Lunch: Milk & Honey (Market Street)

Milk & Honey takes pride in its made-from-scratch treats, particularly its gelato and fresh fruit popsicles. The eatery doesn't limit itself to frozen food. Milk & Honey also serves traditional sandwiches with a twist; there, white cheddar grilled cheese and PB&J with homemade roasted peanut butter abound. Milk & Honey's take on homemade goes above and beyond the usual fresh ingredient eateries.

Afternoon: Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee Aquarium has been ranked the No. 1 aquarium in America for the past three years, as its website proudly proclaims. And why wouldn't it be? The aquarium features a wide array of marine life, from Macaroni Penguins to Red Piranhas. Plus, the atmosphere of an aquarium never fails to make you feel one with your inner child.

If you'd like to continue your underwater excursion, there's always the aquarium's IMAX movie theater, currently featuring "Great White Shark 3D," a film shot from the perspective of someone inside a shark cage. For the faint of heart, there's the less frightening "Penguins 3D."

Dinner: Sing It or Wing It (Market Street)

This locally-owned wing joint doubles as an all-day karaoke bar. The specialty might be wings, but the extensive menu features more than 70 items, all named after a song, artist or album. The restaurant is also notorious for celebrity sightings. So enjoy your wings, some good – or possibly tone-deaf – karaoke, and be on the lookout for someone famous.

Dessert: Hot Chocolatier (Main Street)

This place is every chocolate lover's paradise. The owner was trained at the French Pastry School in Chicago, and the co-owner has an MFA in painting from the University of Iowa. Together, they create tasty and custom decorated chocolate treats. The variety of sweets include chocolate covered fruits and pretzels, chocolate baked goods, and signature chocolate drinks.

Evening: Coolidge Park

Burn off those calories by taking a walk through Chattanooga's Coolidge Park. Perched beside the Tennessee River, the park offers spectacular scenery. Gigantic fountains border the grounds, which also house a restored, hand-carved carousel.

Night: Track 29

This skating rink turned music venue is where the best-known artists come to perform. If you want to catch a show, you might want to buy your tickets in advance. The week of spring break Track 29 will feature Cherub, Juicy J and other performers. Check out the Track 29 website for information on show times and ticket prices.