"Taste of Ghana," an event hosted by the Ghanaian Diaspora Students Association, will be held Thursday in the University Center's Hermitage room to celebrate Ghana's Independence Day.

The event, which is hosted in collaboration with UT Student Activities, the Central Program Council and the Cultural Attractions Committee, will give students a chance to experience and learn something new about the Ghanaian culture to campus.

Isaac Atuahene, a graduate student in industrial and systems engineering, is an organizing member for the "Taste of Ghana" event. He said the program will offer participants a chance to try some of Ghana's favorite foods and delicacies and view some of the African nation's cultural artifacts and paintings.

"This program will bring students from all cultures together to learn about each other's culture," Atuahene said, "and specifically to learn about Ghana's culture."

The "Taste of Ghana" event will be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Those attending will see a live performance by the Khan Unity Drummers, a cultural drumming group. The group will also perform and dance to traditional sounds.

Along with helping to organize the event, Atuahene is also the treasurer of the Ghanaian Diaspora Students Association.

GDSA is an organization on UT's campus that was formed to promote cultural diversity by focusing on the indigenous cultures that exist in Ghana. The organization was founded originally by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah when Ghana gained independence in 1957.

Atuahene said the goal is to promote diversity and also shine a light on the Ghanaian founding father's vision, in hopes that it will draw more attention to the country and bring future development in terms of education and investment.

"As we live in a multicultural environment," Atuahene said, "it becomes very important to learn about each other's culture and how everyone could benefit or help one another in every field."

Atuahene said participants will have the opportunity of exploring Ghana, formerly known as the "Gold Coast" for its rich mineral deposit of gold, and learning about the culture as well as the hospitable nature of the Ghanaian people.

Prince Oduro, senior in political science and public administration, is the co-founder and coordinator of the "Taste of Ghana" event. Oduro said this is the first time hosting the event, and he said he hopes it will become annual.

"The event will take students and guest on a journey through Ghana, highlighting on the many historic sites, indigenous cultures and National Parks that exist in all 10 regions of the country," said Oduro. "We will also have a variety of traditional Ghanaian dishes for students and guests to try out, and hopefully they can take home with them some recipes."