Incumbent Barack Obama held on to the presidency last night, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney in his bid for reelection.

The election was called last night by various news outlets, such as NBC, Huffington Post and FOX News, at around 11:20 p.m. Obama crossed the crucial threshold of 270 electoral votes with strong performances in the battleground states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Romney, who made a strong push late Tuesday in several states around the northeast, carried the traditional red states of the Southern and Western area, with victories coming from Texas, Georgia, Utah and Missouri, among others.

Ultimately, it was too little too late, as President Obama not only capitalized his strong support base in the northeast and Pacific coast states, but also grabbed several key swing-states in the Midwest.

At the time of printing, Obama held the lead at 303 electoral votes compared to 203 for Romney, with polls in Nevada, Colorado and Virginia not yet fully counted and Florida too close to call.