UT Vice Chancellor for Student Life Tim Rogers held a press conference this morning addressing the recent Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) controversy that sent 20-year-old UT student Alexander Broughton to the hospital.

The preliminary UTPD incident report supplements issued at the conference state that John Patrick Carney admitted to a police investigator while in the lobby of the emergency room at UT Medical Center that alcohol enemas were the cause of Broughton's condition. According to the supplement narrative, Carney, a junior in biological sciences, indicated to Knoxville Police Department's Investigator Tipton that Broughton had been "butt-chugging" wine at the PIKE house.

"Shocked would not be an understatement," Rogers said regarding the nature of the allegations. "I myself had never heard of what has been alleged... very shocked."

He said that if true, Broughton's alleged method of consumption could play a role in the punishment that is handed down from his office.

"Well I think it would, If it were widespread and we were aware of that, yes. Again, we're not there... we're waiting on more information," Rogers said.

The investigation is being handled by UTPD.

"Keep in mind that right now we just have allegations," Rogers said. "We don't have anything that's been fully judicated criminally downtown, or in the disciplinary chain here on campus."