as band members, the Fountains, a band hailing from Athens, Ga., has identical
twins as guitar-wielding frontmen.

Athens, Ga. is slowly becoming a mecca for pop music with bands such
as R.E.M. and the B-52's attaining national attention on the music scene.
Hoping to keep the city in the rock 'n' roll limelight, the Fountains are
playing their brand of folk music all across America with a national tour.

"We get a great deal of influence from folk music," said
Jeremy Allen, drummer for the Fountains.

Citing such influences as Woody Guthrie, Creedence Clearwater Revival,
The Police, Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, U2, and Uncle Tupelo -- which split
to form Wilco and Son Volt -- the Fountains have taken shape under a much
more diverse musical background than folk.

"It comes from a lot of different angles," Allen said.

In describing their own music, Allen said that the lineup of Jeffrey
Andrews on electric guitar, Gary Andrews on acoustic guitar and harmonica
and Johnny Hamby on bass pumps out a high energy sound that really bases
itself on the lyrics.

He feels that that the soon-to-be-released CD, Ideal Amusement,
resembles the live performance of the band better than the Fountains' previous
two CD's.

The first CD, titled Welcome, was a duet effort of the Andrews
brothers, and their next CD, Smash, featured keyboards that are
not used by the band in their live shows.

David Barbie, bassist for Sugar, Rob Easterday and Andy LeMaster, produced
the 11 songs on Ideal Amusement, which is slated to hit stores
Sept. 19.

Before forming the Fountains, the Andrews brothers and Allen lived
in Buffalo, NY, but did not unite until they hit the college campus in
Binghamton, NY where they first began performing together.

It was 1990 when the three minstrels embarked on the musical journey
which has since become the Fountains.

In September 1993, Jeffrey and Gary Andrews took their guitars and headed
down to Georgia where they started calling themselves the Fountains. Allen
took more than a year off, but rejoined the twins in '95.

The latest addition to the Fountains was bass player Johnny Hamby who
came to the band 15 months ago.

Since hitting the Athens scene, the Fountains have been on the bill
with such acts as Hootie and the Blowfish, Ani DiFranco, Dinosaur Jr. and
They Might Be Giants.

Tonight, they will pop on stage at the Barley & Hopps to start the
academic year with their folk rock Americana.

It will be the Fountains second performance in Knoxville (they were
here in June) and they are planning to come back in late Sept. after the
release of Ideal Amusement.

"I liked it (Knoxville) a lot," Allen said. "I look
forward to coming back."

He also said that the campus was a bit under-populated for their first
show because of summer vacation, but he felt that there was a lot of good
new music coming through the area.

Shawn Blair, owner of the B&H, said that the Fountains blew him
away at their show in June.

If you are interested in greeting the Fountains in their return to
Knoxville, the show will begin at approximately 11 p.m. and the tickets
will cost $3-5. The Fountains can be reached by e-mail at