Throughout its short-lived history, Barley & Hopps has set an agenda to
bring in a wide ranging slate of musical talent, and continuing in that
tradition, they will host a show tonight with Edwin McCain and Blue

Barley & Hopps brings in some of the best musical acts from across the
Southeast and at times the United States, risking the secure crowds for
some of the average local bands to please a smaller group of listeners.

The talent from other areas has not yet built up fan support in Knoxville
and does not always bring in a huge crowd. Edwin McCain is another risk for
the local bar.

McCain is a pure storyteller from Greenville, S.C. that has had moderate
success nationally but plays a style of music that often gets

His national exposure can be tallied for the most part to some of his
famous connections. One of those links to the top is Darius Rucker,
"Hootie" of Hootie and the Blowfish, who helped McCain out in many

McCain performed a duet with Rucker on a song called "Solitude", which gave
McCain a Top 10 Rock hit and an appearance on Late Show With David

His collaboration with Rucker came after his first CD hit the market in the
summer of 1995. This CD, Honor Among Thieves, debuted on the top
spot of the SoundScan "Top New Artist" Albums chart.

In September of 1996, McCain teamed up with his friends again as he
organized an acoustic benefit gig for the non-profit America Street
Foundation, a charity started by McCain to help rebuild the housing of low
and middle income families who have had their homes damaged during

Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers, Kevin Kinney of Drivin-N-Cryin and
Hootie and the Blowfish all took part in the benefit held in Charleston,
S.C. Another benefit is tentatively planned for some time in November.

Edwin McCain released his second CD, Misguided Roses, this summer.
The 12 songs on Misguided Rose are poignant and in some instances

Sometimes the songs border on Christian messages and at other points tip
the opposite side of the scale. The final work is a CD that pours out the
soul of McCain and his fellow band mates.

Who are these band mates, you ask?

They are Craig Shields on sax, wind controller and keyboards, Dave Harrison
on drums and percussion, Larry Channey on electric guitar, cuatro and lap
steel guitar and Scott Bannevich on bass.

Edwin McCain and his band of musicians will be joined by Blue Dogs, another
South Carolina band. These two groups hope to bring in a large audience for
their show.

However, a sizable Tuesday crowd is hard to garner for any band, but if
anyone has heard this soulful musician, they would definitely not miss this

The show is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. tonight at Barley & Hopps. Tickets
are $10.