With school work beginning to pile up, it just might be advantageous to
take Sheryl Crow's advice -- "a change would do you good."

Sheryl Crow's concert is tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the World's Fair Park

Bunny Tharpe, marketing director for AC Entertainment, said Crow's concert
is part of the Hot Summer Nights tour, and will raise money for the East
Tennessee Foundation. The concert is sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger.

The opening act will be Wilco, with their "almost alternative" country
music. Most alternative fans know that Wilco developed from the former
Uncle Tupelo group. It includes Jeff Tweedy, vocals, guitar; Jay Bennett,
guitars, keyboards, backing vocals; John Stirratt, bass and backing vocals;
and Max Johnston, fiddle, mandolin, and dobro.

Crow, a Missouri native, is full of hidden talents as her album Sheryl
proclaims to the world. On this second album, she produced
the recording sessions, played most of the instruments and of course, wrote
and sang the songs which include "The Book," "A Change Would Do You Good,"
and my personal favorite, "If It Makes You Happy."

The ideas for her songs come from her life. The following Sheryl Crow
trivia is an example of good song-writing material.

A few years ago, while basking in the glow of her chart climbing A&M debut
album, Tuesday Night Music Club, she agreed to open for Bob Dylan in
a series of shows at the Roseland ballroom in New York. Instead of the
excited crowds she was used to, a group of people reading books and
newspapers during her performance greeted her.

The next night, she began a song with a guitar intro, only to discover that
the amplifier was not turned on. Instead of being embarrassed, she used the
incident to break the ice. The next month she was performing in front of
300,000 people at Woodstock II. I'll bet they weren't reading books while
she sang. Funny how life works, huh?

Crow uses experiences like these to help her write her songs. The songs
don't have to be happy or easy to figure out, they are just Sheryl

Her song "Redemption Day," written upon her return from entertaining U.S.
military troops in Bosnia, shows that she tries to express what she sees
and feels in her songs. And some of the songs can even mirror what other
people feel but can't quite put into words.

This concert offers a chance to come and enjoy some good music, so come on
out to the World's Fair Park and experience one of life's winding

Tickets are $24.50 at all Tickets Unlimited Outlets.

To charge by phone, call (423) 656-4444.