proceeds to introduce the mistress to the richest man in Paris, who

"steals" the mistress away from the man, leaving him alone and $75,000 in


Next in her grand scheme, Bette gives him the name of a man who will loan

him the $75,000. However, the person turned out to be a loan shark who

charges 25 percent interest. Unable to pay, the young man is forced to

leave Paris with his wife and child.

Meanwhile, Bette's cousin marries the artist, who has been given a $200,000

grant from the government to make a statue. The statue turns out to be

awful and he is told the money must be repaid. Deviously, Bette tells him

to go to the mistress for the money, knowing that a love affair will


Bette then arranges for her dead cousin's widow, who still loves his

mistress, and the artist's wife to find the two lovers together. Then she

convinces the artist's wife to use force to take her husband back.

Accidentally, the artist is shot by his wife, and she is arrested for


I ended up feeling sorry for this family. This became a classic case of

misplaced anger. Bette punished her cousin's children, but they were not

the ones who ruined her life. Cousin Bette is a mean, vindictive