The B-52's emerged out of the Athens, Ga., "new wave" scene about the same
time I was conceived 22 years ago.

Named after the Southern slang for "bouffant" hairdos, songs like
"Rocklobster" and their now classic album Whammy propelled them from
cult favorites into international superstars.

The band was formed in 1976 and soon they made their self-titled debut
album which sold more than 500,000 copies. It seems that America was ready
for something a little different, an alternative long before its age. It
was not long before the beehive-hairdos, thrift store attire, and off the
wall vocals started people talking and helped promote the punk rock

Their 1989 album,Cosmic Thing , produced the hits "Love Shack" and
"Roam" which cemented their position as a favorite party band of a new
generation. Soon after, the band began producing more politically correct
albums like Good Stuff which discussed issues the B-52's always
deemed important, such as AIDS research, environmental issues and animal
rights. The band began to utilize their musical talents to promote and
expose problems and grievances they had against society. The members of the
band have been strong activists for years. The B-52's finally found a
voice, and it was in their music.

Through numerous trends in music, the B-52's have remained timeless. The
cause of their endless appeal is revealed in their new greatest hits album
Time Capsule: Songs for a Future Generation. This title is long
deserving for a band that has helped to define what I consider the
quintessential American modern rock. The B-52's will be playing tonight at
the World's Fair Park on a double bill with The Pretenders. Tickets are
still available.