For the last six months Henry Rollins has been putting the finishing

touches on his latest album, which features the latest incarnation of the

Rollins Band.

The new lineup features guitarist Jim Wilson, bassist Marcus Blake,

drummer Jason Mackenroth and vocalist Rollins. Together, the foursome have

written over 20 songs. The best of the band's newest offerings, Get Some

Go Ahead
, will be released on the DreamWorks label in January 2000. The

change in bandmates was not an easy one for Rollins to undertake, he


"When we finished the last tour, I gave the band, the guys and the music

we made a lot of thought," Rollins said. "I came to the conclusion that we

had realized our potential (and) kicked no small amount of ass for over a

decade, (but it was time) to leave it be and move on."

Rollins began touring with his new band on Aug. 3. The list of small clubs

slated for this preview showing includes Moose's Music Hall on Cumberland

Avenue on Aug. 19.

Rollins came together with his new bandmates after they approached him to

produce some tracks for them while they were together as Mother


"(Mother Superior) asked if I would produce some tracks for their next

record," he said. "I was honored and got on board."

The outcome was so good, Rollins said, that the four musicians decided to

record some more tracks with Rollins involved. A bit of irony was present

at the initial recording sessions, which were held at the same location

that Rollins first practiced with Black Flag in 1981. The sessions went


"I think we wrote three songs that night that were exactly the kind of

music that I had always wanted to make," Rollins said. "I like the playing,

the takes, that soul and the passion, and the feel that I have given it all

I've got."

Rollins really gave it all he had by producing the new Rollins Band's

first album. It's the first album Rollins has ever produced himself.