The University of Tennessee Concert and Symphonic Bands will join forces

tonight to offer a program that shows the range of the band repertoire. The

bands will perform Percy Grainger's "Handel in the Strand" and Part One of

Robert Russell Bennett's "Autobiography," among other selections at the UT

Music Hall at 8 p.m.

Although he was born in Australia, studied in Germany and was a concert

pianist in England, Percy Grainger is best known as one of the leading

composers of American band music. His first title for the popular "Handel

in the Strand" piece was "Clog Dance," which he gladly changed when a

friend said the music made him think of G.F. Handel careening down London's

Strand to English dance-hall music.

When asked to write his autobiography, Robert Russell Bennett put it into

music for the concert band, dividing the work into seven ages of his life.

The UT Concert Band will perform Part One that describes Bennett's youth in

Kansas City, Mo., and the early days before he went to Paris to study with

one of the most famous music teachers of the century - Nadia Boulanger. He

put this superb classical music training to use on the Broadway stage,

where he scored more than 200 musicals. Still, he chose band music to

express the entire course of his life.

The concert is free and open to the public. The UT Music Hall is located at

1741 Volunteer Boulevard. For further information about this or other

concerts at UT, call the UT Concertline at 974-5678.