For those students and staff who are looking for entertainment options

beyond football and beer this weekend, fear not. Knoxville has a three-day

cultural event that will suit any entertainment need.

The Old City is hosting the second annual Spotlight Festival, a three-day

festival showcasing the best in Knoxville's performance and visual


Tom Parkhill, head of the Tennessee Stage Company, said the festival will

benefit the Knoxville Area Theatre Coalition, "a loose kind of support

group for various theatre groups in town."

Parkhill said last year's festival was devoted solely to theatre, but this

year's festival will include other fine arts.

"We've expanded to include dance, music and the visual arts ... it's more

of a spotlight on the arts instead of just theatre," Parkhill said.

Parkhill said the festival is a chance for artists to perform outside

traditional art venues, and also "raises the level of awareness of the

amount of theatre in Knoxville."

Performances and displays will begin Friday night with a preview party, and

performers showing "brief snippets" of their works. On Saturday, the

festivities kick into high gear with performances continuing from noon

until 10 p.m. Sunday's performances begin at 12:30 p.m. and continue until

6 p.m.

Parkhill said artists will rotate between venues throughout the weekend.

Participating venues include Patrick Sullivan's, Bird's Eye View,

Manhattan's, New City Café, the Rainbow Club and Cup-A-Joe's.

Admission to the event is $10 for an all-inclusive three-day pass, or $5

for individual performances.