The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters rocked a raving crowd last night

at Thompson-Boling Arena.

The show began around 7:10 p.m. when the opening band Muse took the stage -

the sparsely populated Thompson-Boling Arena was only about half full at

the time. Considering that the group is fairly new and the audience didn't

show much support, Muse did surprisingly well.

After Muse, The Foo Fighters began to pump up the crowd with some great

music. Dave Grohl, the band's front man, was a little disappointed to see

someone in the front row sitting down through the first song, so he decided

to help the audience get into the music a little bit. Grohl immediately

came down into the crowd and played the next song sitting with the


This concept might seem a little intimidating to some people, but Grohl was

very charismatic and really made the crowd go crazy. The group played some

old favorites like "Big Me," "Everlong" and "My Hero" along with the new

songs. During "Stacked Actors," Grohl once again took to the crowd. He made

his way all around the floor before returning to the stage and finishing

the song. The Foo Fighters definitely get brownie points for making the

audience feel that they were a part of the music and not just mere


From the first moment the Chili Peppers walked onto the stage, the audience

overflowed with enthusiasm. They opened with "All Around the World" from

their latest album, Californication. While many of the songs in the

set were from the new album, the Chili Peppers mixed it up with hits "Give

It Away" and "Under the Bridge," and earlier songs like "Me and My Friends"

and "If You Had to Ask."

Band member Flea had a few things to say to some of the front-row crowd at

the show - as was evident when he leaned over to speak with them between

songs. When the Chili Peppers left the stage, the crowd began cheering

louder and louder and chanted for just one more song to complete the


Prompted by the enthusiastic audience to return to the stage, the Chili

Peppers pleased the crowd with an encore of "Soul II Squeeze" and "Power of


For one evening, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers transformed

Thompson-Boling into a pulsating mass of rock 'n' funk energy.